Best Of 2019

Hi all, Joan here!

Happy 2020! Just wanted to quickly write about a few ramen spots that I felt were some of the best ramen I had last year. I definitely went to more ramen places than I probably wrote about, but here are my top faves, in no particular order:


Rakkan Ramen in Santa Monica

I was actually blown away by how good this spot was. With their completely plant-based broth ramens (you can order everything vegan or non-vegan,) this place was something special. I’ve tried a couple of their broths but their Spicy Garnet is my favorite. Click here for the blog post.


Okiboru House of Tsukemen

I can’t believe I never heard of this place until I randomly spent a day in China Town in DTLA. I’m sure their regular menu is amazing but their Yasai Paitan vegetarian tsukemen was outstanding! I seriously drool just thinking about how good this place was.  Check out the blog post!


Silverlake Ramen in Santa Monica

This place has been my go-to ever since I started a new job nearby. Sometimes I find myself there every week! (I don’t always get a Veggie Ramen, I change it up with their Mabo Tofu Bowl.) The quality is not always the same, but if the executive chef happens to be there and he happens to make your bowl, you’ll remember why it’s one of the best ramen joints out of LA. Nevertheless, they make a solid ramen! Here’s an older blog post.


Jinya Ramen Bar in Santa Monica

So here’s a place I have not blogged about despite the fact I have been there more than TEN TIMES and took pictures of it. :/ (But I’ve written about their Studio City location, different experience however.) I promise I will write about the SM location because it’s definitely worth writing about. I always get their delicious Spicy Creamy Vegan Ramen and they make an awesome Brussels Sprout Tempura. No blog post unfortunately…

May the new year bring you all love, peace, happiness and ramen! I definitely have a goal to eat more ramen this year!

Thanks for reading,


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