Mommy’s Meal Out

Hey guys, Tanya here.

Loooong time, no write. I apologize, I let life really keep me busy. Joan has been keeping you guys up with the best ramen experience LA and all around has to offer.

I’m here to give super excited news on my end. Ramen places have been popping up slowly around my area and after many years, I have a place approx 10-15 mins away *cries happy tears*


The restaurant is located in strip plaza

Kaz Ramen opened up right around where I lived in my teens until mid 20’s. I was extremely excited that my heart was racing like I was going on a first date or something Haha(best way I could describe it). It’s been really hard for me to go to decent places to eat ramen because it would be a minimum of a 45 min drive and I’m a momma of 2 young girls. It’s hard to lug my kids around and find something to do around the area to make the drive worth while. There isn’t really anything to do around in Grand Terrace. It’s easy to get in and find parking.


The art along the wall.

As you can see, it’s more of a ramen bar style. There are communal tables through the center and a bar facing the completely open kitchen.


Honestly? This No Face mural really sold me when my friend posted it. I knew I had to try it.

My initial impression was pretty skeptical. The staff was young(maybe mid 20’s to early 30’s) hip hop was blaring pretty loud. Though it wasn’t too bad except for a couple songs, it’s not really a “relaxing” environment that you could probably enjoy in say, Daikokuya. Not a place for a quiet meal. It was busy and upbeat and the staff was pretty attentive to their customers. I had a little bit of a puzzled look because everyone was really busy so someone on their break saw me and got someone to help me. Now to my total impression, let’s get to the ramen.


These are the base broth and styles of ramen they have.


I love the simple options they have. From different noodles to many choices to garnish. You can keep it simple or go crazy, a different bowl each time.


The broth was so rich and almost buttery. The salt didn’t get to me. Everything was flavored wonderfully


They sear their chashu and it was on the fatty side but I’d rather have it that way. The meat was surprisingly tender.


The yolk was cooked just right and flavored well


The noodles cooked to firm perfection

The bowl was served with a LOT of kombu, but it added really well into the texture and didn’t interfere with the taste of the broth. My impressions of Kaz Ramen melted into that delicious bowl of ramen.

I am so happy I have authentic ramen just a hop skip and a jump away. This is a great addition to the I.E. I will definitely be coming back, maybe more when I have my alone time. Forget grabbing a cup of coffee, I’m going to dive into a bowl of ramen from Kaz.

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