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Ramen Quarterly Report

Hi everyone, Joan here. The first time we wrote a post like this was back in February: The Blog Post You Have All Been Waiting For! Since then, I’ve tried some new places for ramen and I’m now ready to … Continue reading

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Joan in Arcadia

Okay, I’m not from Arcadia, like the show Joan of Arcadia (that’s set in Maryland). But I was in Arcadia, California. Haha. That was lame. Anyways… Sean told me about a place in Arcadia that his boss Angela recommended, Ramen … Continue reading

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Noodle’d Out

Hey everyone, I’m not going to lie…. even though I’ve been trying to hide it. But I’ve had noodles 3 days in a row. And 2 days in a row last week. Not all of them were ramen!! But I’m … Continue reading

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Ramen Anatomy

“What is ramen?” “Wait… there’s “real” ramen?” “Wait… they’re not just the stuff in styrofoam cups?” “WHY RAMEN?!?!” These are a few of the questions  I’ve had to answer ever since we took on this ramen mission. Yes, there is … Continue reading

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