NoHo Shenanigans

Hey friends,

So I have taken up a new hobby…

IMG_2326Stepping it up to the streets of NoHo. Wow, that was cheesy.

These past few months, I’ve been spending some time in North Hollywood with my friends, dancing hip hop then eating extravagantly afterwards. I say “extravagant” because we eat like kings when we’re out in NoHo, sometimes breaking the bank just for dinner! Matt, a random guy you might have seen in past blog posts and the designer of my blog logo, just moved to the NoHo arts district. There there are tons of artist types roaming the streets and amazing restaurants and cool bars all over.

During one of our extravagant-eating-outings, Matt, Angie (another friend you’ve seen in past blog posts), and I checked out Tamashii Ramen House, just walking distance from Matt’s house. It was a mellow evening with few customers, so we were seated right away. I really loved the restaurant’s decor, with the dark wood everywhere, random paintings, and a really cool patio area.

IMG_1610_2Inside the hip and artsy ramen restaurant

IMG_1606 Matt and Angie in deep thought about the menu

We started off with their tempura platter and crispy chicken. The starters were pretty good although I thought the crispy chicken portions were a little too big for appetizers! Matt ordered the black tonkotsu, Angie got the spicy miso, and I ordered the tonkotsu shoyu.

IMG_1612_2 An assortment of deep-fried goodness

IMG_1615_2Black Tonkotsu

IMG_1614_2Spicy Miso

IMG_1613_2 Tonkotsu Shoyu

Sorry for the blurry photos! My ramen camera has been out of commission.  Anyway, my tonkotsu shoyu was okay. The broth was not as flavorful, I could barely tell there was shoyu in there. The chashu was not very tender, the soft-boiled egg was alright, the noodles were a little too soggy, but I really enjoyed the toasted garlic topping. I had a taste of Matt and Angie’s broth and they were alright.

As far as how I like this place, I can’t say I like it a lot. But this location has only been around for a year, and it was about eight months back when we went there (I know… late post.) There is not much for ramen in North Hollywood, so I guess this will have to do if I happen to be in the area and craving ramen. I’ll have to check out their Sherman Oaks location to see how it compares.

Aside from hip hopping and eating like kings, we also bar hop, ride trains, sometimes more eating, and random stuff you won’t understand.

IMG_2375 Riding on the metroooooooo…

IMG_1637_2Random stuff… not sure what’s happening here

Whether the ramen was good or not, ramen runs are always a worthwhile experience when they are shared with your friends. I love my friends. And I love ramen.

Thanks for reading!


Restaurant Info:
Tamashii Ramen House
11024 Magnolia Boulevard
North Hollywood, CA 91601
(818) 980-2388

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