Never Too Early for Ramen

Hey everyone, Joan here.

Just a quick post for you about another ramen spot in West LA. Forget Little Tokyo, (even though I love DTLA) the Westside is definitely where all the good ramen is at! All within a 5 mile radius.

I finally got around to checking out Ramen Yamadaya in Westwood. I’ve been to the other restaurants of its chain so I had an idea of what to expect there. My friend, Lisha, and her cute son Iari (ya-ree), joined me for an early ramen lunch. I don’t normally eat ramen so early in the day (11 am), but I was starving and had not eaten breakfast. Lisha is a very talented photographer and took some photos for this blog post!

IMG_1084 Ramen Yamadaya

Lisha ordered the chicken ramen and I ordered the Tonkotsu with a side of spinach. Compared to the other Yamadaya’s I’ve been to, I can’t say this place stood out. The broth was good but for some reason was not as flavorful as the other restaurants, the chashu was tender but a bit bland, the egg was okay, but the noodles were nice and chewy.

IMG_1080 Chicken Ramen

IMG_1082 Tonkotsu Ramen

IMG_1078Iari and his first bowl of ramen!

Overall, it was a descent bowl of ramen. The service was surprisingly slow, even though we were their first customers that arrived right when they opened. With all the other ramen places on the Westside, I don’t think I would come back here for a while. But if you live in the area or go to UCLA, I’d rather have the ramen here than the ramen at the Noodle World nearby!

Anyway, thanks for reading. You should also check out Lisha’s photography website to see her fantastic work!


Restaurant Info
Ramen Yamadaya
1248 Westwood Blvd.
Los Angeles, 90024

There is metered parking all over Westwood.

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