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NoHo Shenanigans

Hey friends, So I have taken up a new hobby… Stepping it up to the streets of NoHo. Wow, that was cheesy.

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Overdue Ramen Quarterly Report

Sorry folks, we totally forgot to do this in August! But we have been trying new places and we are pretty thrilled to be writing this overdue quarterly report! Here are our thoughts, with a link to the blog post. … Continue reading

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Joan in Arcadia

Okay, I’m not from Arcadia, like the show Joan of Arcadia (that’s set in Maryland). But I was in Arcadia, California. Haha. That was lame. Anyways… Sean told me about a place in Arcadia that his boss Angela recommended, Ramen … Continue reading

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Ramen Anatomy

“What is ramen?” “Wait… there’s “real” ramen?” “Wait… they’re not just the stuff in styrofoam cups?” “WHY RAMEN?!?!” These are a few of the questions  I’ve had to answer ever since we took on this ramen mission. Yes, there is … Continue reading

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