Reggae Ramen… or Rah-mon!

Max is gonna kill me for getting ramen without him again! Oops.

I sat in for my friend Max’s reggae band, Bodhi Rock, at the Basement Tavern during Cinco de Mayo. Since I was only supposed to play during the second and third set, I went to Santa Monica early enough to grab some dinner with my friends, Matt and Angie. Although I’ve been there several times, I couldn’t resist going to Kotoya Japanese Ramen.

IMG_0077 Red Ramen Level 2

We all ordered the Red Ramen Level 2 with no menma and it was good like always. But it was extra oily this time around. I should have ordered the egg and extra chashu but I didn’t think I was that hungry. Hence, the ramen photo isn’t as pretty… I was still hungry at the end and ordered extra noodles. The service was pretty lame that night. It was hard to get the servers’ attention despite the fact we were the only ones there. But I managed to get the lovely chef’s attention and he who took my order, made the noodles, and brought them to me. That made up for it! 🙂

IMG_0078This was Matt’s first time at Kotoya and Angie’s second.

Matt and Angie said they really enjoyed their ramen. Matt likes to order spicy ramen just to complain about how spicy it was. Yeah, he’s weird. But he liked the broth and wished he had ordered the extra egg and noodles as well. Next time I go back, I want to try their tsukemen.

Then we were off to the Basement Tavern! I apologize for the dark and creepy photos. It was not easy taking photos inside the Basement Tavern.



IMG_6190 You….


The end.


P.S. Bodhi Rock plays at the Basement Tavern in Santa Monica every first Sunday of the month. Who knows, you might see me there next time!

Restaurant Information:
Kotoya Japanese Ramen
11901 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 477-1199

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