Date Night in Little Tokyo

Hey everyone,

I’m sorry to say, but I have not been to anywhere new lately. I keep finding myself with others in Little Tokyo, even when I’m not at work! The Shin Sen Gumi there has won my heart and is probably my number one ramen house right now.

One day after work (sometimes in June), my boyfriend, Sean and I decided to get some ramen. We also wanted to get drunk. So from Pasadena, (where I work and Sean lives) we took the train to Little Tokyo.

Sean’s cheek
It was really cool taking the train from Pasadena to Downtown LA. The trip was roughly 25 minutes AND we didn’t have to worry about paying for parking. Our train stopped just down the street from Shin Sen Gumi.
Our toppings.
My usual order of strong broth, hard noodles, light oil, extra chashu, and flavored egg.
I was so hungry I ordered another side of noodles!
There was something interesting about the chalkboard but now I can’t remember why…
Just Kidding Fashion? Haha j/k. I don’t really know what JK stood for.
Wish trees! They were everywhere
Awww… how nice.
This guy…
Cocoa Pebbles Donut Holes?!?!?!?!
Carefully pouring that latte.
Mmmmm latte.
Banana saver. Very useful.
The one man band, Arthur Nakane, let me crash his cymbal with his guitar!
Ramen, sushi and burger erasers!
Rubberized ramen
Good night Little Tokyo!
That was a fun night out with Sean. It was so convenient getting there too! Shin Sen Gumi in Little Tokyo is still my number one ramen house. I foresee many returns to Little Tokyo. Stay tuned for more ramen adventures!

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