Yamadaya Ramen – "is this a sushi restaurant?"

Hey! Tanya here, so! I was so happy to eat ramen. It has been a while with my busy schedule and Joan’s busy schedule. We actually needed to find a place that opened late. There are actually a few locations in Torrance that stayed open till 10pm or later. That is awesome for us because it is kind of a drive. Our choice for this run was Yamadaya.
Re-u-ni-ted and it feeeeeels so good!
The place is fairly small but quaint.
This is Mark.
This is Mark eating gyozas.
Shoyu ramen
I ordered the basic Yamadaya ramen in a shoyu broth…….. I wasn’t too happy with it. I kept thinking “Yamadayuck”. It was way too salty. Yes, I know it was a shoyu broth, but you never expect it to be too salty. I kept looking at the gas station across the intersection and contemplating getting a big bottle of water, haha. The chashu was very tender and the noodles were a great consistency. The broth killed it. I will not be ordering the shoyu broth from here anymore -Tanya
Tonkotsu Ramen
Hey folks, Joan here! I am a big fan of tonkotsu ramen, as most of you know, so that’s what I ordered. I can’t say that I would drive out of my way here again for ramen. It was okay… but there was nothing about it that stands out. The pork slices were pretty tender, but the broth was a little too salty, as Tanya commented. There was also a thick layer of oil on top. The boiled egg was cold but at least it was cooked right. Some places have a problem with overcooking their eggs. The noodles tasted good though.
Ramen Run Girls!
Mark also ordered the tonkotsu ramen
I got the thick noodles, Tanya got the thin
Oh man……
…….SO much fat. It was a little chilly in Torrance that the fat hardened pretty quickly at the top. -Tanya
I needed to pee(I look like I was running, haha)
I hated the fact that you had to walk around the entire plaza to get to the restroom I can see from the front of the restaurant. I guess with protocol/regulations they can’t let customers go through 5 feet of the kitchen because of liability purposes…….. Laaame hahaha
Looks like and ally that you would get shanked and mugged
Ramen Yamadaya
You can’t tell from the sign, but the place is called Ramen Yamadaya. When we sat down at our table, a middle-aged woman came in, in a panic, asking what kind of sushi they have. She asked, “why don’t you have sushi, isn’t this place a sushi restaurant?” We’re assuming this this woman assumed that just because the name of the restaurant is Japanese, they must have sushi. That was an awkward moment for everyone at the restaurant.
After our little ramen run, we decided to check out the local asian market to get some snacks. -Joan
Pink Pucci… heh.
It’s a cheese burger making kit! Made of candy? This chick explains it.
Happy Kitchen Hamburger
Cream Collon….mmmmmmmm
Wanna get crunk?
This packaging looks….. naughty
Psych! Its Mario candy. The skinny pack is gum and the larger one is chocolate covered rice crackers. They were yummy.
We totally didn’t know the name of the place until we walked out.
Despite the super greasy ramen at the so-called sushi restaurant, it was all in all a good time. Whenever we drive a far distance for ramen, we want to make a full experience out of it. That way, if you’re ever in that area, you’ll have an idea of what else is out there. Asian markets are always fun to check out because of their weird items and if you want a quick and cheap dessert.
Check back for more ramen runs! (most likely overdue ones…)

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