Total Asian Experience, part 2

Hey everyone,
It seems that Matt and Candice have become ramen run regulars. They seem to appear in several blog posts. Candice goes on ramen runs on her own! I guess I’m doing a good job of getting people addicted to ramen! One evening after mass, Matt, Candice and I went on a ramen run in Hacienda Heights at Ajisen Ramen.
Ramen run with Candice and Matt
I was having iPhone malfunctions
BBQ Pork Ramen
Spicy Beef Ramen

Ajisen Ramen is probably my second go-to ramen place in Hacienda Heights, first being Daikokuya. They have a nice variety of ramen and they do a pretty descent job. I ordered the BBQ Pork Ramen, Candice ordered Miso Ramen, (sorry, no photo) and Matt ordered the Spicy Beef Ramen. It turned out that Matt is not a fan of spicy food, so I didn’t understand why he ordered that.

After ramen, we drove down a few blocks to Genki Living, a dessert place known for their crepes. If you ever go there, just remember that it’s a cash-only place and that it gets super hot in their dining area. There are also strange couples that hang out there that are super cheesy and might make you want to throw up with their extreme lovey-dovey-ness.

I ordered a crepe with nutella, strawberries, bananas, and vanilla ice cream. I think Matt ordered the same as mine, without the ice cream. Candice ordered hers with green tea ice cream.

At Genki Living (the strange couple I mentioned are the two wearing blue in the back)
Crepes unite! – the words of Candice
Crepes are not that easy to eat.
Since we pretty much did two of three things from one of our past blogs, “Total Asian Experience,” (from November, 2010)  I figured we might as well finish up the evening with a photo session at Cue Studio, just upstairs from Genki Living.
One trick I learned a little too late that night, is that the iPhone captures the photos very well from the screen. If you ever try these Japanese photo booths, or what they call “purikura” in Japan, while you’re editing the photos, take pictures of them before you print them out! It’s better than trying to scan the actual photos later (which is what we did two years ago and it didn’t come out very clear). Here are the few photos I captured with my phone:
Sumo wrestlers! And random dude, octopus and chihuahua.
Two eggplants and a poophead
Ramen runs have become such a great way to spend time with friends. It never seems to end with ramen. We always end up doing something else, whether its something I have already done, or something completely new. In this case, it was appropriate to have a repeat of a past blog since Matt and Candice have not experienced, ramen, crepes and purikura all in one evening. Maybe good food just makes you want to keep having a good time. 🙂
One thing I’d like to mention is that every time Candice goes on a ramen run with her friends, she tags me in her ramen run posts on Instagram or Facebook. Other friends of mine have done this too. I like that when people have ramen, they think of me! Awww….
Thanks for reading!

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