Adventures in the Joan-mobile

Hey everyone! It’s Joan.

So I have awesome news. After 8 years of driving old cars from the 80’s and getting into an accident with my car from the early 90’s, it was about time I buy myself a brand new car. The Joan-mobile, as I call it, is a 2012 Honda Fit Manual transmission! I’m very excited about my new car and look forward to my new adventures driving it.

The Joan-mobile
The last time Tanya and I went on a ramen run together was back in November. We’ve been so busy with our lives, and especially the holidays, that we really couldn’t find time to get ramen together. We manage to have ramen runs on our own or with other people though. Last week, we finally got around to having a ramen run together, along with Tanya’s friend, Jennifer.
Our next target ramen region is currently Costa Mesa. This city is about an hour or so away from home, close to the beach! I’ve been researching ramen houses in Costa Mesa and they seem to have an abundance of ramen shops there with good reviews. (if you recall my Drummer Held Hostage blog, it was also in Costa Mesa). I found another place called Kohryu, which was just across the street from the last place I went to, Mentatsu.
When we arrived, the parking lot was small and there were no open spaces!! So keep that in mind, if you ever come here. Luckily, we found a spot in a corner, BUT there was hardly any room to get into the parking space! The great thing about my Fit, was that in can literally fit in any tight spot, with Tanya’s help of stepping out and navigating me. See the photo below:
Ninja’d our way into this tight parking spot
… and a minute after we parked, this happened. Of course.
We got there, signed our names on the clipboard, and were seated right away by a mean looking dragon lady. Our table was right next to a wall of mirrors, which made us look awkward as we took a photo.
Hey Tanya here,
    It was quite a drive and the plaza seemed a little awkward to get into but I liked the way the place looked. There was art work pretty much everywhere. Even in the bathroom. The place had a nice environment. There were two servers and they both looked so mean! But they were really nice, polite, and prompt with service.
Group photo in front of a mirror.
It took us a moment to make our orders. They had so much in their menu! I should have taken a photo of it.  The wait for our food wasn’t that long, maybe about 10 minutes.
Tanya’s Wonton Ramen
Jennifer’s Spicy Miso Grilled Green Onion Ramen
Joan’s miso ramen
Again, I was bummed that they didn’t serve tonkotsu ramen. But, it gave me a chance to try another kind of ramen, which was the miso ramen. I think miso is my second favorite broth. My ramen was actually pretty good. The flavor of the broth was very tasty, with a good balance of saltiness and miso flavor. I don’t remember much about the noodles, but I don’t have any complaints about them. There usually is only one slice of pork in most ramens but at least I had a nice hefty size of pork. The pork was tender, not too fatty, and tasted pretty good. I liked the toppings my ramen came with, such as the green onions and toasted garlic. I wouldn’t mind coming back here if I was in the area. From what I recall at Mentatsu across the street, I would probably choose Kohryu over Mentatsu. – Joan

I liked this place. The menu had a good selection. I liked the fact that in the middle section of the menu, you can choose the broth from Shio, Shoyu, Miso, Spicy Miso, and Spicy Shio. I got the Wonton Ramen with the Miso broth. The wontons were simple. Just has chicken in them but they were so good. There were about 6ish wontons and I ate them all first. I liked how the broth wasn’t salty and the noodles were really chewy. I had a mix of roasted green onions and fresh green onions. It complimented the broth perfectly.-Tanya

Kohryu ramen was quite a surprise. Although the servers looked pretty mean, they were all very attentive. The ramen was good and the service was good. I would give this place… an A-, only because it’s hard for me to place Kohryu in my top ramen shops. But I would definitely recommend Kohryu ramen. -Joan
Like Joan said. Pretty much a good place to go to if you’re in the area. It was a bit of a drive for us but it wasn’t too bad when you have three women who like to talk in the car. More fun if you bring more people. I do have to say I was disappointed when my bowl was empty. I wanted more because it was so good. The serving size of the bowls were just right. I would give this place a solid A-Tanya

After our ramen run at Kohryu in Costa Mesa, we thought about going to a bar in the area, especially since Jennifer had just turned 21. BUT, considering that we would be drinking and would still have a far drive back, I decided to just take us to a place closer to home, called Limerick’s Tavern in Upland. I have been here several times before and they have a good selection of beers on tap, AND there is a hot guy that works there. I thought maybe Tanya and Jennifer would enjoy that. Unfortunately, he wasn’t there. -Joan

Grabbing a beer with the ladies was a good choice after a good bowl of ramen. Great way to end the night. More Ramen Runs to come! -Tanya

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