Soggy Seconds

Hello hi! Hi Hi! Oh hey hey!

Hi everyone! Joan speaking. We just got back from our ramen run at Shogun in La Verne. This is the second time Tanya and I went there, but we brought along my cousin, Sherry, with us tonight. She has never had real ramen before, and since she loves soups and noodles of all kinds, we thought this place would be a pretty good place for Sherry to have her first ramen experience. Plus it was close by.
We ordered a couple of appetizers, gyozas and calamari rings. Nom nom nom nom…. They were good.
One thing that was interesting about Sherry was that she refuses to use chopsticks at all times. Her theory was that it didn’t bring enough food to her mouth. And that chopsticks are for Asians. (Sherry is actually asian…) So she asked for a fork.
We’re real asians because we use chopsticks.
We all ordered the Chashu ramen. I ordered extra chashu. Our orders took a little long, but that was expected. Good ramen usually takes a while to get to our tables.
OH HAI~ Tanya here
I like Shogun, its so nice and clean and has a calm environment. The gyoza was good, we ordered it pan fried because deep fried didn’t seem so appealing. The calamari rings were low on flavor but if you used their tar tar sauce or the sweet n sour they had on the side, it gave a nice touch of flavor. The ramen was good. The chashu did have a nice flavor, even amounts of fat and meat and the slices were thick. The broth still had a nice warm flavor and a hint or roasted garlic here and there. The only thing I didn’t care for were the noodles, they were soggy. Its like a damper on a nice day. I prefere them to be firm. Now now, boys and girls, no “That’s what she said” jokes 😉 But! That isn’t going to keep me away from the place. Boy, do I have food coma! Oh yeah, I got an adult beverage (THEY DIDN’T CARD ME!) but it was called ‘Karate Punch’ it was yummy. It was like an adult Hawaiian Punch. Well, back to Joan.
For some reason, Tanya got a ladle for a spoon!
Sherry having her first taste of ramen broth.
I have to agree with Tanya, I like Shogun as well. I think this might be my second favorite ramen place so far. I thought my ramen was just as good as the other times I’ve been to Shogun, BUT, the noodles were so soggy! Like it’s been sitting there for a while. The broth was delicious and I really liked the roasted garlic pieces. And for some reason, the chashu was sooo flavorful tonight! Whatever it was that they marinated the pork slices in, tasted freakin’ amazing! And the slices were thick. The other thing that bothered me was that I ordered extra chashu for a dollar, yet it looks like the same portions as not having ordered it. Lame.
My ramen, with one big chashu slice and two little ones.
Tanya’s ramen had to big slices of chashu.
Overall, the ramen was good. The broth had a good balance of flavor and saltiness and the chashu slices were awesome. The noodles bothered me more than anything. Sherry liked the ramen very much. She thought it was flavorful with just enough of everything. She’s really into spicy soups though, so she added some sriracha (spelling?) sauce. I’m glad she got to join us and she says she definitely wants to join us again for ramen!
 Notice how soggy and thick the noodles were. Nonetheless, we enjoyed the ramen.
 I don’t know why, but I thought I’d take a picture of all these lamps.
We definitely hit the jackpot when we found out this place had ramen. Every other restaurant close to home that serve ramen tastes like crap. I would definitely prefer to come here instead of driving all the way out to Hacienda Heights, the next closest area with ramen. Shogun definitely serves a good bowl of ramen, despite the soggy noodles. To end a good night, we had apple mojitos at my house.
Thanks for reading. See you again soon!
-Joan and Tanya

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