T.A.E. Part 4: Post and Pre-Birthday Ramen

Hey everyone!

“T.A.E.” stands for Total Asian Experience, a series of blog posts that started almost three years ago. A total Asian experience would be a routine of activities every time we go on a ramen run in Hacienda/Rowland Heights.

After having average ramen in San Francisco, I really needed to “goodly corrupt” my taste buds with better ramen. This past Sunday, my friend Angie wanted to take Matt and I out for ramen to celebrate our birthdays. I just had my birthday last week and Matt will have his later this week. We went to Ajisen in Rowland Heights.

IMG_0404 Where the magic happens. View from bar seating.

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Total Asian Experience, part 3

Hey friends,

I know I have not been good with keeping up with these blogs. But life happens, things get in the way, and sometimes I’m just plain lazy. I also considered shutting down the blog.

I was chatting with a friend the other day about closing the blog, but told me she enjoyed reading the blogs and that I should keep doing it. So here I am, posting my fourth blog today. After this, I’ll be caught up!

This is for you Angie.

This is how Angie and I text.