Whisky and Ramen Go Together

Hey all,

I had heard about a bar with the ramen burger on their menu. When I found out that it was a Scottish pub, I HAD to check it out!

IMG_0779_2Whisky galore!

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Journey Through Sawtelle

Hey friends, Joan here.

Even before I moved to the Westside, I had begun my journey through the infamous street of Sawtelle, an area also known as Little Osaka. Every block has a ramen shop and each one has something unique to offer. Just when I thought Sawtelle had enough ramen shops, they opened another one!

A Daikokuya opened up several months ago and I finally got around to checking it out. The first time I heard about this thing called ramen, (the legit kind, not the packaged kind that we all grew up with) was at the popular Daikokuya in Little Tokyo, in Downtown Los Angeles. I’m sure that Westside ramen enthusiasts were thrilled to hear that they no longer need to make a trek to dark side of LA.

IMG_9241 Inside decor looked like Ramen Alley in Sapporo, Japan

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My One True Love

When you can’t seem to stay away from that one thing/person and you just have to keep coming back, it must be love…. or an addiction.

This is Joan and I have found my true love… and it is Kotoya. I ate there every other day for about a week! Yes, I fell in love with Kotoya before but had to distance myself because it was too good to be true. But I went back and became addicted to a few new items on their menu. I could not stay away.

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Hey everyone, Joan here!

Sorry it’s been a while! As you might have read in one of our last blog posts, (Here’s to a New Year) things have been crazy busy with Tanya and I. We’re still busy, but we are always doing our best to keep up with the blog! So don’t worry, we ain’t goin nowhere!

Tanya came out to Santa Monica for the day to hang and we checked out a ramen restaurant that my coworker told me about. He grew up in West LA and have been going to this place all his life. So we thought we’d check it out!


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Mouth Full of Ramen

Hey everyone,

I was on my way to check out my brother’s metal band, Mouth Full of War (haha, see what I did there?) and had some time time for dinner beforehand. Since his show was out in Anaheim, I wondered if there was any ramen out there. I have not done much ramen running around the OC  and Okazu Ramen House popped up on my map. The star ratings didn’t look promising, but I’m always willing to give a place a try!

IMG_8480 OC ramen

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Omitted Ramen Runs

Hey everyone, Joan here.

I have a confession to make…

I’ve been going on ramen runs but have not been writing about them. Well that’s new…

No, really. I’ve been eating a lot of ramen at places I’ve been to several times and always felt I didn’t need to write about them. But now, I think I should. We all have those restaurants, bars, etc., that we have as our “go-to’s.” Sometimes you may find the best bowl of ramen or whisky cocktail that when you go back, you expect it to taste just the same as the first time. Consistency of a restaurant is important to know. So here is a status update of a few restaurants I’ve revisited.

IMG_8111 Orochon – Level 5 Miso Ramen

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Here’s to a New Year

Hey everyone! Joan here.

First of all, we’d like to apologize… again, for not keeping up with our blog. We were on a roll for a while, eating and blogging and gaining lots of weight, but we’ve been busy.

We are back at it, with a recent ramen run to blog about and a new look to our website! Tanya and I, along with my brother, Mark, went on our first ramen run of 2014 a few weeks ago in Hollywood, at a little place called Chibiscus Asian Cafe & Restaurant.

IMG_0656 Boba Trio!! Well almost… 

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Fancy Shmancy

Hey everyone!

Tanya here. We went to a fancy shmancy ramen bar in Hollywood, Robata Jinya. The wait was around 30 mins but wasn’t too bad because it was around dinner time. The place is on the smaller side and pretty dark. Almost too hip for my taste haha.

Hey folks, Joan here. I was so glad to have Tanya and her fiancé, Aaron, come out to Hollywood to see me perform. I had a gig with Matthew Jude Band at Molly Malones (back in December) and this was the first time Tanya had seen me play with him. Since she was coming out to see me, I thought we’d go on a ramen run! As Tanya said, the place was too hip for a ramen joint. The customers looked like they were going clubbing and most of the staff were not very welcoming.

Tonkotsu Hakata Classic
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Funky Ramen Trio

Hey friends,

Just writing a quick post for ya!

Before a gig, my friends, Max and JohnPaul, joined me for dinner at Tsujita Annex. The last time I went there I had their tsukemen, which was delicious yet overwhelmingly heavy. So I thought I’d give their bowl of ramen a try this time. The three of us ordered the Ramen with Soft Boiled Egg.


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Merry Christmas!

Thanks to our friend, MattSumoto, I have an official ramenrun.com shirt! (R)Amen!

And yes, those are chopsticks in my hair…

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all ramen fans!


ps. Blog posts coming soon!


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