Graduation Ramen

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the late post, but here’s a quick one for ya.

A few weeks ago, my little bro, Mark, (whom you’ve seen in several blog posts and is our ramen meme person) GRADUATED!!! And to celebrate, my whole family went on a ramen run. My sister and her husband from Hawaii were in town, (both have been in past posts) and got to join us! This was also my older brother’s first ramen experience!


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Another first timer

Hey, Tanya here!

Finally! After almost two years of dating, I convinced Aaron to eat authentic ramen with me. He was always pretty skeptical of driving far just for a meal, but I did want to bring him somewhere where we can have fun after we ate.

I took Aaron to Ajisen because there are several different bowls of ramen to choose from because I knew he wasn’t the biggest fan of pork.

image What is this used for?

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