Hipster Ramen

Hi everyone, Joan again.

Here’s another overdue post! I finally got to see what all the fuss was about with Silverlake Ramen and I have to say… it was awesome! So awesome that I went twice! So… here’s a post of my two visits.

The first time I had heard about this place was from my friend, Chris, who described Silverlake Ramen as “not too bad for hipster nipster!” He had been there several times so I had to take his word for it. Chris, his girlfriend Jenny, and my friend, Stacy and I, all met up one cold evening and joined the long lines of the hip ramen joint.

IMG_7291Ramen unite!

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Pre-Concert Dinner

Joan here.

Sorry everyone, I’ve been so busy I haven’t had a chance to do any blogging! But here’s a quick blog on Ramen Zetton in Costa Mesa.

I went to Ramen Zetton several weeks ago with a friend for a pre-concert dinner. We were running a bit late because of traffic but luckily, it was only about a mile from the Segerstrom Center for the Arts.  Not exactly a fancy dinner before a classy concert, but that’s just how I roll.

IMG_0002Pork Soy Sauce Ramen

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Police Force Ramen

Did you know that the Shinsengumi were a special police force of Japan during the final years of the Tokugawa shogunate? The Shinsengumi kept the peace in Kyoto between 1853 and 1867, when Japan opened up to the West and their political situation became very chaotic.

I sound like I know what I’m talking about….

Hey everyone, Joan here. Last Friday, I went on a ramen run with my friend Max (ramen run celebrity wannabe and Bodhi Rock trumpeteer) at the new Shinsengumi in West LA. With the stiff competition of ramen restaurants in Little Osaka, I was surprised that Shinsengumi found a home on Sawtelle Blvd. It was located several blocks north of the Little Osaka area where there’s a ramen spot on every corner. But at least the West LA folks won’t have to make a trek down to Little Tokyo in Downtown LA just for some customizable ramen!

IMG_7132Shinsengumi is located in a very unusual area…

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Haaayatemaru! ROUND 2!

Haha sorry! I couldn’t help myself.

Anyway, Joan here. I’ve had a pretty bad cold all week and have been craving a good bowl of spicy ramen. Last night, my brother and I visited our cousin, Michelle and wanted to check out Kotoya for their awesome spicy ramen. There was quite a wait and I became a bit anxious so we decided to switch to Hayatemaru, just a few minutes away. I’ve been here with Michelle and Tanya before and thought it was pretty good. I also had a chance to try their new Ebiton ramen at the Ramen Yokocho Festival so I thought we’d give the restaurant a second try!

IMG_7093 Can’t have ramen without beer!

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Food Coma from the Ramen Yokocho Festival

Hey friends, Joan here!

After an awesome morning surf session with my friend Lisa, we embarked on a journey to the very first Ramen Yokocho Festival at the Torrance Cultural Arts Center. I purposely didn’t eat at all that morning because I wanted to eat as much ramen as I could! It was tough downsizing the amount of photos I took, but I hope it will give you an idea of what the festival was like! I’ll describe each ramen at the end of the post.

We went on Saturday, the first day of the event and arrived around 1 pm. I thought parking was going to be tough but we managed to get a spot right in front of the main entrance. (I have good parkma they say…) We noticed there was a really long line winding around the large parking area… but we managed to bypass the lines without a problem… or so we thought!

DSC_7564 Line to buy tickets

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Hey friends, Joan here.

Remember that movie, Backdraft? With Kurt Russell, William Baldwin and Robert de Niro? Well, I never saw it. But I remember that one part of the tram ride at Universal Studios, where you’re in a roaring warehouse inferno. Anyway, that’s besides the point.

I recently went back to Ikemen Dip Ramen in Little Tokyo with a friend. When we arrived, the restaurant was pretty empty. The same server I had last time was working that night, and there was a ginger fellow cooking behind the bar. They both wore cool hats, by the way. We both ordered the Backdraft Dip Ramen. (See, I had a point! Sorta…)

IMG_6820A roaring inferno in our mouth!

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