Pre-Apocalypse Ramen

Hello friends, Joan here!

We are living in strange times, aren’t we? Now that we’re all stuck at home, I hope everyone is using their time to rest, practicing healthy habits, but also being creative and learning. This is definitely a good time for me to catch up on blogging!

Before businesses started shutting down and people going on self-quarantine due to COVID-19, my husband and I were in the Covina area for a meeting. Since we were out there and I’ve been eyeing a ramen spot in Covina for a while on Instagram, I took this as an opportunity to try Artisan Ramen Kono.

I love simple menus

We got there at about 2:30 pm, before they closed from 3:00 to 5:00 pm. It was almost empty, aside from another couple in the restaurant. The restaurant looked very clean and neat with their minimalist design.

View from my table

We ordered their spicy soy meat bowl without egg to start. I have to say it was very delicious! I really liked their spicy tofu crumbs. And… you’re going to be surprised that I say this: There was menma (bamboo) which you all know I despise. However, I decided to face the stinky smell head on, and took a bite. For the first time in my life, I actually thought this menma tasted pretty good! The taste did not match the smell. However, I only ate a few pieces, I couldn’t keep going. 😛

Spicy Soy Meat Bowl with no egg

As for the ramen, we both ordered the Spicy Vegan Ramen. Lately, spicy hasn’t been sitting well with us so we both ordered ours with half the chili paste in the broth. It was still spicy but so delicious, the broth was almost addicting! I really liked the rich and creamy broth, the toppings were the perfect combination, and I really enjoyed the extra thick noodles it came with. Whatever their soy meat was marinated in, it tasted amazing, spicy with a hint of sweet.

Spicy Vegan Ramen #noodlepull

If I were in the area, I would definitely come back here again. The ramen was definitely memorable and had it’s unique touch with the soy meat.

Now that California is on lockdown, this is a time to support your local small businesses, especially your favorite ramen joints. So far, most restaurants are still providing takeout and delivery so PLEASE continue to support these businesses! They count on us to keep them afloat during this difficult time.

I wish everyone good vibes, excellent health and abundance during this time. Thank you for reading!


Restaurant Info:
Address: 18230 Gale Ave, City of Industry, CA 91748
Parking: It’s located in a shopping center with a big parking lot, plenty of free parking

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