Ramen In A Winter Wonderland

Hi all! Joan here.

I went on a road trip to Canada over the holidays. You can check out my other blog to read about it.

We found a cute little ramen spot in Whistler, just two hours north of Vancouver, where we stayed throughout the trip. Thought I’d share a quick post about it!

Whistler Village

Ohyama Ramen

The inside is decorated like a Tokyo alleyway

The menu. We ordered the Creamy Vegan

Creamy vegetable broth with kale noodles

Happy to check the ramen off my list!

The ramen was descent but it didn’t quite satisfy our hunger. I was expecting a bold flavor from the creamy broth but the flavor seemed lacking. The kale noodles were actually pretty good, it didn’t have an overwhelming kale taste but it was a little too soggy for my preference. The best part for me were all the toppings, especially the shiitake mushrooms.

Would I come back here? Maybe if I was stuck in Whistler. The ramen wasn’t that bad but it didn’t stand out either.

I was surprised to see that the ramen trend in Vancouver was booming. I saw a ramen spot as we drove around on almost every other corner. Vancouver is such a beautiful city and I’ll definitely be hitting up those ramen places when I visit again!

Thanks for reading,

– Joan

Restaurant Info

Ohyama Ramen

4000 Whistler Way
Whistler, BC V0N 1B4

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