Ramen in Germany

Hi all!

Wow, I can’t believe how long it has been since I last wrote here. I keep thinking that I had written one not long ago, but apparently I didn’t write for the entire year of 2017. I apologize deeply… I actually have been going out for ramen but haven’t written a single post. 😦

To start this year off, here’s a quick post about my recent trip to Germany with my fiancé. The trip itself could be a series of blog posts since we were there for almost a month. (It was amazing btw!) But I will get straight to the ramen part.

Whenever I go someplace new, it is always my mission to find a ramen restaurant. Not just a Japanese restaurant that happens to have ramen on their menu. But an actual ramen restaurant. Low and behold… Frankfurt, Germany has two ramen restaurants. Probably the only two in the whole country!

Ramen Jun Red in Frankfurt

One of the things that tripped me out was the menu. For the most part, I could understand what was on the menu, but the descriptions were in German. Second thing that tripped me out was that practically everyone in the restaurant spoke German, including the handful of asians in the restaurant!

I ordered the Vegetarische (vegetarian) Miso Ramen and Marius ordered the Spicy Veggie Miso Ramen.

Japanese menu written in German was a little daunting…

Spicy Veggie Miso Ramen

Vegetarische Miso Ramen

Standard ramen eating photo pose.

I was not pleased with the noodles stuck together…

Asian in her natural habitat…

I was REALLY hungry.

Japanese chefs at work!

Overall, I thought my ramen was surprisingly delicious despite the expectation I had of ramen in Germany. The broth had a savory miso flavor, the toppings, including the potato, worked really well. I wasn’t too excited about the overly-chewy noodles sticking together. Marius thought his was okay. He felt that it was just a spicy tomato soup without Japanese flare to it. I had a taste of his broth and I guess I could agree.

For a random ramen spot in Frankfurt, Germany, this place wasn’t so bad. Would I go back? I would probably give their other branch a try (also in Frankfurt) before I decide if I’d go back to this one. But I felt my mission accomplished, to find ramen at a country I have never been before and can add to my list of ramen joints for you to explore.

Thank you for reading!


Restaurant Information
Ramen Jun Red
Fahrgasse 89, 60311 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

We found parking at a structure nearby. The restaurant is located just around the corner from a big shopping mall.

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