Nice and SLO

Hey everyone!

I played a gig out in San Luis Obispo a few months ago and found the best ramen burger I have had yet! I know I’m super late on this post, but that burger is so worth writing about.

Every Thursday in downtown SLO, they have a really nice Farmer’s Market. I played a gig at a spot right in the middle of it all, the Frog & Peach. Right across the street from the gig, was a booth with a big sign that said RAMEN BURGER. It was meant to be…


You have no idea how excited I was that I took all these photos…

IMG_4947 Look at that juicy hunk of beef patty!

IMG_4949 Perfectly browned noodle buns

IMG_4950 Behold… the ramen burger!

IMG_4952 I’m drooling as I’m staring at this photo…

The photo descriptions say it all. It was the perfect ramen burger. And I’ve tried quite a few back in LA. If you’re ever in SLO on a Thursday night, you have to look for the Foremost Wine Company booth. They don’t have ramen burgers on their regular restaurant menu, they only have them for the Farmer’s Market. You will love it.

IMG_4990Can’t leave SLO without a photo in Bubble Gum Alley!

In case you’re wondering who the gig was with, I played with my friend and a great singer/songwriter, Daniel Jimenez Afanador. We made a little music video for one of his songs, Are We There Yet?, with video footage of our drive up to SLO. Check it out!

Thanks for reading!


More Information:
San Luis Obispo County Farmer’s Market
1108 Garden St #210
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

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