Egg Drop… Ramen Soup?

Hey everyone, Joan here.

Back in 2011, Tanya and I both lived in the Inland Empire and it was not always easy to travel to LA just for ramen. Then we found a little gem, the Shogun Restaurant in La Verne, that served a nice bowl of ramen. You can view the old blog post here.

A year later, we found out that they had stopped serving ramen and our hearts were broken…

I recently found my way back to Shogun Restaurant with some friends after a church gig. And to my surprise, ramen was back on their menu! I ordered it of course, but unfortunately, it was not the same.

IMG_4519Tonkotsu Ramen… Egg drop soup style

I ordered the Tonkotsu Ramen and asked if I could have a hard boiled egg with it. I immediately saw a red flag when the server had no idea what I was talking about and said he never heard of hard boiled egg in ramen. When I got my bowl of ramen, it looked like egg drop soup.

Overall, the ramen was okay. The noodles were too soggy by the time I got them, the broth was a bit bland, but the chashu was descent. The egg was just something else, I’m not even gonna go there. LOL! I just don’t think this place understood ramen the way they used to five years ago and it’s too bad. We used to love this place! I would not recommend it to my Inland Empire friends if they’re looking to try ramen. However, this place is known for their teppan and sushi and I hear they’re pretty good.

I hate writing bad reviews, but I just can’t recommend this place for ramen. :/


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