Nice and SLO

Hey everyone!

I played a gig out in San Luis Obispo a few months ago and found the best ramen burger I have had yet! I know I’m super late on this post, but that burger is so worth writing about.

Every Thursday in downtown SLO, they have a really nice Farmer’s Market. I played a gig at a spot right in the middle of it all, the Frog & Peach. Right across the street from the gig, was a booth with a big sign that said RAMEN BURGER. It was meant to be…

IMG_4946 RAMEN BURGER in SLO!!!! Continue reading

Egg Drop… Ramen Soup?

Hey everyone, Joan here.

Back in 2011, Tanya and I both lived in the Inland Empire and it was not always easy to travel to LA just for ramen. Then we found a little gem, the Shogun Restaurant in La Verne, that served a nice bowl of ramen. You can view the old blog post here.

A year later, we found out that they had stopped serving ramen and our hearts were broken…

I recently found my way back to Shogun Restaurant with some friends after a church gig. And to my surprise, ramen was back on their menu! I ordered it of course, but unfortunately, it was not the same.

IMG_4519Tonkotsu Ramen… Egg drop soup style Continue reading