Hello friends,

Joan here. I’m doing something that I haven’t done in a long time… write a blog post shortly after a ramen run! AGH!

Saturday night, I had a ramen dinner with my brother, Mark, who’s visiting LA for the weekend. It’s been a while since I’ve been to Ramen Hayatemaru in West LA and I was craving their awesome tsukemen. Also, Hayatemaru is not only great at ramen but they have amazing appetizers. We started off with some gyoza and spicy cucumbers. Be careful, those cucumbers definitely had a kick to them!

IMG_3619 … well you can have good gyoza at Hayatemaru!

IMG_3618Spicy cucumber

I originally wanted to order their tsukemen but I noticed something new in their menu, Tomato Veggie ramen. I was torn between the tsukemen which I knew would make my stomach happy, or trying something I’ve never had. Tomato broth and ramen noodles? It sounded a little strange yet appetizing at the same time. I HAD to try it!

The description for the Tomato Veggie ramen was basically a tomato broth with all kinds of vegetables. I was really craving meat so I had to throw in some chashu and egg in there. AGH! Mark ordered their Tonkotsu ramen with the toasted garlic topping.

IMG_3620 Tomato Veggie Ramen with chashu and soft-boiled egg

IMG_3621 Tonkotsu Ramen

At first, I didn’t know what to expect from the Tomato Veggie ramen. But it was delicious! The tomato broth was light yet very flavorful despite how heavy it looked. The chashu was very tender and tasty, the noodles and soft-boiled egg were cooked perfectly, and all the veggie toppings complimented the whole dish. I would totally order this bowl again! After I get my tsukemen fix… hehe.

I had a taste of Mark’s Tonkotsu broth and it was great. Hayatemaru knows how to make a good broth and everything else in his bowl was probably awesome.

The service was fantastic. There was a petite Japanese woman that served us but I forgot to ask her name. I’ve had her before and she was very attentive and very sweet! She is usually there on Saturday’s in case you happen to stop by. Hayatemaru is definitely one of my favorite ramen restaurants and I would highly recommend going there!


IMG_3623Me so asian!

Thanks for reading!


Restaurant Information:
Ramen Hayatemaru
11678 W Olympic Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 444-7555

The restaurant is in a small shopping complex with really tight parking spaces. But you can also park on the street.

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