Return to Foo Foo Tei

Hey everyone,

The first time Tanya and I went to Foo Foo Tei in 2011, (see old blog post here)  it scared the crap out of us! First of all, it was in the evening and driving into a creepy neighborhood made us really nervous. Second, we were not very pleased with our ramen experience back then so we haven’t gone back since.

Now that I’m older, wiser, stronger and can probably kick the crap out of an old creeper, I decided to give Foo Foo Tei another try!

IMG_2849 So many ramens!

I’ve been meaning to catch up with one of my cousins, Raelyn, and thought I’d ask her out on a ramen date. We chose Foo Foo Tei because she had never been and it was close to her home. Her husband, Justin, joined us so we each had a different ramen to taste test!

IMG_2850 Juicy gyozas!

IMG_2854 Hot and Sour Ramen

IMG_2851 Tantan Ramen

IMG_2852 My Pork and Miso Ramen

I have to say, I was very happy with my ramen. The broth had a good balance of the miso and tonkotsu flavors, with a rich consistency and was not very oily. The pieces of pork were very tender and tasty, and the noodles and load of vegetables were cooked perfectly! The egg was not bad either.

I had a taste of Raelyn and Justin’s broths and they were so tasty! I almost wished I had ordered what they did! But there is always next time.


There will definitely be a next time. I thoroughly enjoyed my ramen and the service was pretty good. I am glad we went back and I can’t wait to go again! There is so many ramen to choose from and they all looked so good. Despite the creepy neighborhood, Foo Foo Tei was a hidden gem that was worth searching and fighting off bad guys for.

Thanks for reading!


Restaurant Info:
Foo Foo Tei
15018 Clark Ave
Hacienda Heights, CA
(626) 937-6585

They have their own little lot but if there are no spaces, you can park on the street.

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