The Best of 2014

Happy New Year ramenoids!

I know we have not written any ramen quarterly reports in 2014 so we will make up for it by writing a 2014 ramen review. Below is a list of our favorite ramen and ramen outings (in no particular order) last year with links to the blog post. There might be a few without links, but those are blog posts coming soon!

1. Chibiscus Asian Cafe & Restaurant – Here’s to a New Year

This was Spicy Ramen from a little shop in Hollywood. The ramen was pretty good and the ramen run was super fun!


2. Kotoya Japanese Ramen – My One True Love

I could never stay away from Kotoya and I have gone there too many times for me to blog about it.


3. The Morrison – Whisky and Ramen Go Together

You can’t have a ramen review without a ramen burger! I have only had ramen burgers twice in my life but this place definitely hit the spot!


5. Ramen Hayatemaru – Blog Post Coming Soon!

I have blogged about this place before but I had to return because they make some of the best tsukemen I’ve ever had. Check back for a new blog post!


6. Silverlake Ramen – Omitted Ramen Runs

This blog post includes a few other places, but what stood out is the vegetarian ramen in Silverlake. I’ve tried other vegetarian ramens at other places (that I have yet to blog about…) but Silverlake Ramen makes the tastiest one!


7. Maruya – Blog Post Coming Soon!

Here is a blog post I’m currently wrapping up. It was a really fun ramen run at a new place with a new friend (wink wink).


Well there you have it! Our favorite ramen bowls and moments of 2014. And I am sure that 2015 will be filled with more ramen and good times to come! And our new year’s resolution is to eat more ramen and blog about a ramen run within 48 hours of the run. Yep. We said it. So we better do it!

Happy New Year!


Joan and Tanya

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