Epic Cousin Ramen Run

Hey everyone!

I know this is a few months late, but I still have to write about it! And since Ramen Week (50% off sale on ramen) starts today, this is an opportune time to post this overdue blog post! :-/ There was a big ramen sale back in June where participating ramen shops all over LA sold ramen for 50% off! My cousins and I planned a big Pinsan Ramen Run (pinsan is cousin in Tagalog)!

There was so much going on that night, and ramen, that it is best to just summarize the evening through photos. But the best part is at the very bottom of this blog post!

Our first stop was Hayatemaru in West LA. There was, of course, a very long line and we had to wait for almost an hour! We hung out at the restaurant next door to have some beer and it was quite obvious the server there was annoyed by us.

IMG_9277Causing mischief and drinking lots of beer next door

IMG_9599We made it! Next…. sake shots!

IMG_9292Circle of Spicy Miso Ramen

IMG_9600The ramen was delicious and the soft-boiled eggs were perfect! It had just the right amount of spiciness and it was so full of flavor! And their noodles were awesome. Hayatemaru has their own secret recipe for noodles.

IMG_9295Ramen #selfie

IMG_9298Round one was a success!

And what’s a ramen run without a bit of adventure in between. We walked down Sawtelle Blvd. and checked out some random shops.

IMG_9601Shenanigans at the Daiso store and outside our next stop,
Shin Sen Gumi

IMG_9602Shin Sen Gumi had cajons for seating. And of course, more sake shots!

IMG_9319Yaki Ramen with pork. The bonito flakes looked like living things…

IMG_9321Cheesy ramen photo

I don’t normally order pan-fried noodles, but Shin Sen Gumi’s was delicious! So much flavor and I loved the bits of pork and different toppings.

IMG_9323Mission accomplished… and we were stuffed silly.

This was a really fun ramen run. My cousins are always a great hang and are always down to eat anything! Love them so much!

Here is the best part of this blog post… a documentation that my cousin Ryan made of our Pinsan Ramen Run!

Check out the Weekly LALALA for more information about Ramen Week!

Thanks for reading!


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