Mouth Full of Ramen

Hey everyone,

I was on my way to check out my brother’s metal band, Mouth Full of War (haha, see what I did there?) and had some time time for dinner beforehand. Since his show was out in Anaheim, I wondered if there was any ramen out there. I have not done much ramen running around the OC  and Okazu Ramen House popped up on my map. The star ratings didn’t look promising, but I’m always willing to give a place a try!

IMG_8480 OC ramen

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Omitted Ramen Runs

Hey everyone, Joan here.

I have a confession to make…

I’ve been going on ramen runs but have not been writing about them. Well that’s new…

No, really. I’ve been eating a lot of ramen at places I’ve been to several times and always felt I didn’t need to write about them. But now, I think I should. We all have those restaurants, bars, etc., that we have as our “go-to’s.” Sometimes you may find the best bowl of ramen or whisky cocktail that when you go back, you expect it to taste just the same as the first time. Consistency of a restaurant is important to know. So here is a status update of a few restaurants I’ve revisited.

IMG_8111 Orochon – Level 5 Miso Ramen

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