Haaayatemaru! ROUND 2!

Haha sorry! I couldn’t help myself.

Anyway, Joan here. I’ve had a pretty bad cold all week and have been craving a good bowl of spicy ramen. Last night, my brother and I visited our cousin, Michelle and wanted to check out Kotoya for their awesome spicy ramen. There was quite a wait and I became a bit anxious so we decided to switch to Hayatemaru, just a few minutes away. I’ve been here with Michelle and Tanya before and thought it was pretty good. I also had a chance to try their new Ebiton ramen at the Ramen Yokocho Festival so I thought we’d give the restaurant a second try!

IMG_7093 Can’t have ramen without beer!

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Food Coma from the Ramen Yokocho Festival

Hey friends, Joan here!

After an awesome morning surf session with my friend Lisa, we embarked on a journey to the very first Ramen Yokocho Festival at the Torrance Cultural Arts Center. I purposely didn’t eat at all that morning because I wanted to eat as much ramen as I could! It was tough downsizing the amount of photos I took, but I hope it will give you an idea of what the festival was like! I’ll describe each ramen at the end of the post.

We went on Saturday, the first day of the event and arrived around 1 pm. I thought parking was going to be tough but we managed to get a spot right in front of the main entrance. (I have good parkma they say…) We noticed there was a really long line winding around the large parking area… but we managed to bypass the lines without a problem… or so we thought!

DSC_7564 Line to buy tickets

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