New Bodhi Rock Tradition

Hey everyone!

After another first Sunday of the month at the Basement Tavern in Santa Monica, I have (hopefully) influenced the Bodhi Rock band to start a new tradition….. late night ramen after the gig!

IMG_6814My thumb… after a night of hard hitting and cupcakes.

I know I have blogged about Tatsu Ramen quite a bit in the past month, but don’t worry, I’ve been trying out different items for me to review!

I ordered the Black Ramen, which was the tonkotsu broth with black garlic oil. It was pretty good, very rich in flavor and not too salty. I loved the garlic oil! The chashu was mediocre but the rest of the toppings were quite good, especially the earwood mushroom’s texture. The noodles were great, they seem to be consistent with the firmness of the noodles.

This was the first time Arianah, the singer of Bodhi Rock, had ramen. She ordered the Red Ramen and loved it! Jonathan, the sax player, has had ramen before but he liked this place so much, he ordered two bowls!!! He ordered the Naked Ramen and something else… I can’t remember. Sean, the bass player (also plays for Matthew Jude Band and has had ramen before) shared a Bold Ramen with his girlfriend, Charisse. She’s only had ramen at Noodle World (bleh) and said she loved her Bold Ramen.

IMG_6815Black Ramen

IMG_6816Arianah and Jonathan

IMG_6817Sean and Charisse

IMG_6818Their egg is pretty bitchin’ by the way..

I’ll most likely eat here again, especially after a gig in the area. The more I come here, the more I like it! And I was happy to have some friends join me for a ramen run, especially first-timers. It really made me happy to have seen their faces light up when they take their first bite!

Thanks for reading!


Restaurant Information:
Tatsu Ramen
2123 Sawtelle Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 684-2889
Hours: Sunday – Wednesday: 11a-2a
Thursday – Saturday: 11a-3a

Parking in Little Osaka can get pretty crazy and not free. (Unless you can find some in the surrounding neighborhoods.) But late at night, parking is plentiful and free.

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