Ramen Restaurant Index

Hi everyone!

I recently added a restaurant index under the Map tab, a list you’ll see below the actual map. Restaurants are grouped by city/area, and linked to a blog post. It will make your ramen search much easier, I hope! I’ll eventually get around to cleaning up all the old blog posts. (migrating from blogspot to wordpress created a bit of a mess!) Check it out:

Map – Restaurant Index



Post-Reggae Ramen

Hey everyone, Joan here.

After a night of reggae and dancing with my friends, Bodhi Rock, I was soooo hungry and wanted ramen. The only place I knew of that was open past midnight was Tatsu Ramen in Little Osaka. My friend, Jeraldin, who has been so great at supporting the Bodhi Rock shows, joined me for ramen.

IMG_6670Bodhi Rock rockin’ it at the Basement Tavern in Santa Monica.
Oh, and me!! (on congas)

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