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Hey everyone,

While my sister and her husband were in town, I took them around a bit of Downtown LA. We started in Little Tokyo then down to City Hall. Check out some of the sights! FYI, I have a very goofy family.

DSC_6007 Japanese Village Plaza

DSC_6108 LA City Hall

DSC_6142 Yep, those are my siblings. Great photobomb by the way…

After our quick tour, we headed over to Ikemen, a ramen joint known for their tsukemen, or dip ramen. It is located outside of Weller Court in Little Tokyo. They have really cool decor!

IMG_6602 IMG_6601 IMG_6600

We pretty much ordered every single ramen dish on the menu! Well not really, but there were only 6 of us and we each got something different. My sister was the daring one and ordered the Ghost Buster Ramen, which had a roasted marshmallow in the broth. It was surprising delicious!

DSC_6165 Roasting the mallow

DSC_6168 Ghost Buster Ramen: tonkotsu with roast marshmallow and egg

DSC_6170 Zebra Dip Ramen: garlic seasoned tonkotsu

DSC_6171 Back Draft Ramen: spicy tonkotsu

DSC_6172 Johnny Dip Ramen: tonkotsu with tomatoes and basil

DSC_6174 Premium Ramen: espresso-steamed broth?!

DSC_6175 Ramen fit for a queen… 

DSC_6178 Family

DSC_6185 Black Sesame Ice Cream

I tried everyone’s ramen and everything was bomb-diggity! The noodles were perfect and chewy and every bowl of broth was rich, flavorful, and unique! Chashu was tender and the onsen tamago was a nice touch to the broth, if you like your broth extra rich! I would definitely come back here. The service was also great. Everyone, including the chefs behind the counter, were super nice. What a great place for tsukemen!

The tour continued towards 5th Street and Broadway, then the arts district on Grand Avenue.

DSC_6202 Taking the Angel’s Flight

DSC_6219 Outside of MOCA

DSC_6238  Picking at those noodles outside of Walt Disney Concert Hall

DSC_6277   My little bro Angelo, Parkour Extraordinaire

It was such a great day for a tour of LA. The weather was nice and we saw as much as we could within 4 hours and ate amazing ramen. I really do love LA and what is has to offer!

For more photos of our DTLA tour, check out my photo blog here.

Thanks for reading!


Restaurant Information:
Ikemen The Dip Ramen
123 Astronaut E S Onizuka St,
Los Angeles, CA ‎

CASH ONLY! Parking is all over the area, but not free most of the day. There’s also a parking structure near Weller Court.

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