Ramen Runner Ranking

Hey everyone,

I’m taking a break from eating ramen. It’s not that I feel sick or anything… but after having ramen three times in a week, I still have to be health conscious. I’d hate to hear from a doctor one day that I should stop eating ramen. That would ruin my life forever!

Anyway, we have written 51 posts of just our ramen runs, and another 10 or so of random stuff. And I’m so bored that I’m creating a little contest. Who, of the people that appeared in the blog, have been to the most ramen runs?! Let’s see who the top five are.

Tanya and I would obviously be in the running for first place, but this contest is all about our Ramen Run fans!

    • Mark – 8
    • Sean – 8
    • Michelle – 7
    • Matt – 7
    • Frances – 5
    • Patrick – 5
    • Jennifer – 3
    • Candice – 3
    • Sherry – 2
    • Kim-Long – 2
    • Joanna – 2
    • Angie – 2
    • My dad!! – 2

Well it looks like we have one too many ties! This is weird. Anyway, congratulations to the thirteen ramen runners for making it to the top five ranking! Haha.

And what do you get?! My recognition. Because that matters. Just kidding! Next time I do a post like this, perhaps a year from today with a new list, the first place winner will get free ramen and drinks on me.

I’d like to point out that most of these people have never had “real” ramen before joining our ramen runs, and it brings me joy to know that they now like ramen and have gone numerous times with us!

I can’t wait to get over this ramen “fast.”


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