I Heart LA

This stupid thing would not let me make a heart icon at the title! Ughhh… ❤ ❤ ❤

Hey everyone!

I went to Kotoya Ramen in West LA again two nights ago after work. I really enjoyed the ramen there last week and since I was staying in the area, I thought I’d go back!

My cousin, Michelle, (who I stay with when working in LA) joined me again for this ramen run. We had a different server this time and she was great! I should have asked for her name. 

We ordered some sides and they were quite good. The chicken was nice but the gyozas were very delicious and juicy inside!

I Heart LA
Fried chicken with mustard sauce

I Heart LA


I ordered the Red Ramen Level 3 with a half-boiled egg and no bamboo. And they got my order right this time! I’m not really a spicy-food-eater, but I will try anything. The first thing I tasted was the broth. Yes, it was HOT! I felt sweaty after several sips. But it was delicious. Again, I was able to taste the different layers; the tonkotsu broth and the chili. It was quite addicting actually. As much as I had to pause for a moment to cool off, I kept wanting to taste it! Unfortunately I couldn’t finish the broth. I’m a wimp…  

The noodles were cooked the way I normally would want it, firm. That was awesome. And I really enjoyed the half-boiled egg. The chashu was just as tender as last time. The thought of it is making me drool right now… Since I couldn’t finish the broth and still had room in my stomach (I hadn’t eaten since noon that day and we arrived around 7:30), I ordered extra noodles.

Michelle ordered the same as before, Red Ramen Level 2. She loved it. 

I Heart LA My Red Ramen Level 3
I Heart LA I Heart LAThis is the look of satisfaction

I have to say that this ramen restaurant ranks in my top 3. A blog about my top ten will be coming up soon!

The night was still young and after a delicious dinner, I was hyped to do more. Michelle and I decided to go drinking in Santa Monica, where she lives. We stopped by the Galley, a funky pirate bar with lots of colorful lights!

I Heart LA Red blowfish!
I Heart LA It’s not Christmas anymore, dontcha know!
I Heart LA Michelle, after her first drink
I Heart LAEnjoying my Jameson on the rocks

I met up with my friend, Max, afterwards. Max was the one who recommended Kotoya to me. I should have invited him to join us for dinner. But all I kept thinking about was how hungry I was for ramen that I totally spaced out on inviting him. Sorry Max. 

We checked out the Basement, down the street from the Galley, for more whisky, then ended the night further down the street at O’Brien’s, for even more whisky. I got home at 2 am and couldn’t sleep for a few hours. I think I tried to write this blog but failed. All I remember was waking up the next day and found chicken salad smeared in my laptop. 

The more I explore LA, the more I love it. The following day, Michelle and I had originally planned to go to LACMA but ended up doing other things in downtown LA since I had to work later that evening. But what we ended up doing led to an amazing day.

img_5338 Dimsum for lunch in China Town
img_5347Cool art deco building
img_5351We found St. Vincent Court, hidden in the Jewelry District. (Thanks for the tip, Megan!)
img_5350 Cute, Parisian feel with lots of cool cafes and restaurants. Lots of old dudes hang here
img_5356 My caramel latte from Le Cafe Bonjour
img_5363 Pershing Square
img_5377 Shiny buildings!
img_5384 Angel’s Knoll
img_5389 This is the park with the bench as seen in the movie 500 Days of Summer
(the plaque is gone though)

If you ever get a chance to explore LA, you will definitely find interesting things, a lot of history and you, enjoying yourself. Awesome food (especially ramen), awesome bars, amazing sights, and hidden treasures. Try to ignore the funny smells on the streets of DTLA and you will have a great time. 

I ❤ LA.

Thanks for reading!


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