High Tech Ramen Run

Hey folks,

I seriously surpassed my ramen quota for the month. I can’t believe this was my third time in a week! But I felt bad for not inviting my friend Max to Kotoya for the third time, the night before, so I really wanted to make it up to him. (Just a reminder, Max recommended Kotoya to me and is a devoted Ramen Run reader.) Max and I have been to Kotoya a good number of times, so I suggested we check out some place new and met up at Tatsu Ramen in the West LA area.

Parking was quite easy as it was 11 am when the restaurant opened, so there was hardly anyone parked in their lot. I took a quick glance at everyone working there… and to my disappointment, not a single Japanese employee was to be seen!

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Drunken Night in Santa Monica

Hi everyone…

Last night was a very inebriated ramen run. I can’t believe I remember everything about it. But at least I can tell you all what happened!

After work in Downtown LA, I went to Santa Monica to stay with my cousin. For dinner, we wanted to go to Kotoya again because it was close to Michelle’s house and I was really in the mood for their delicious ramen! Well, it was still early and Kotoya wasn’t open yet, so we decided to have a drink… or two… or three. Three whiskies.

There was no way we were driving so we caught the bus!

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Where on Earth is Ramen San Diego?

Hey everyone!

I know, I know. Super cheesy title. Remember that show though? Carmen Sandiego? Nevermind…

It was Sean’s birthday week and we have been going on little road trips up and down California. We went to Solvang and Santa Barbara the other day then to San Diego this past Friday. I knew there wouldn’t be much for ramen up in Santa Barbara, especially in Solvang (Dutch town USA) but San Diego had to have some!

We started the day with a museum tour of the USS Midway. If you like museums, ships, airplanes and war history, this place can be pretty fun!

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The Blog Post You Have All Been Waiting For!

Hi everyone!

Joan here. Lately, people have been asking me about my favorite ramen places. After having realized that we’ve been to more than twenty ramen places so far, I think this is a good time for me to start one of many blogs on our current favorites. This list will be updated every several months or so. Each restaurant listed will include a link to a blog or two about it. I hope this will come in handy anytime you’re out looking for ramen!

Hey! Tanya here. My input might run a bit small but I look forward to trying out new places.

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I Heart LA

This stupid thing would not let me make a heart icon at the title! Ughhh… ❤ ❤ ❤

Hey everyone!

I went to Kotoya Ramen in West LA again two nights ago after work. I really enjoyed the ramen there last week and since I was staying in the area, I thought I’d go back!

My cousin, Michelle, (who I stay with when working in LA) joined me again for this ramen run. We had a different server this time and she was great! I should have asked for her name. 

We ordered some sides and they were quite good. The chicken was nice but the gyozas were very delicious and juicy inside!

I Heart LA
Fried chicken with mustard sauce

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