Total Asian Experience, part 3

Hey friends,

I know I have not been good with keeping up with these blogs. But life happens, things get in the way, and sometimes I’m just plain lazy. I also considered shutting down the blog.

I was chatting with a friend the other day about closing the blog, but told me she enjoyed reading the blogs and that I should keep doing it. So here I am, posting my fourth blog today. After this, I’ll be caught up!

This is for you Angie.

This is how Angie and I text.
Yep, exactly like that. Texting each other from across the room during mass about going on a ramen run when we really should be paying attention. 
The first time I took Angie on a ramen run was over at Ajisen in Rowland Heights. Or Hacienda Heights… I can’t remember (and I’m too lazy to look it up.) Anyway, this time around I took her to Daikokuya just a few blocks away from Ajisen. 
The wait must have been around 20 minutes, which was not too bad considering the place was packed that night. We were seated at the bar, which was nice because they had really cool decor and I got to see the staff behind the counter, sorta. (We couldn’t really see them cook, just their heads moving about.)
Funky action figures!
These game cards were hilarious!
We ordered their gyozas, which were really good, and their Daikoku ramen. The ramen was great, I really can’t complain about anything. That’s the thing about Daikokuya, the ramen there is consistently good. The only reason why I don’t go there often is because of the wait, which has lasted an hour in some occasions. And when I’m hungry and waiting… I get angry. 
ANYWAY, after ramen, we decided to have dessert crepes over at Genki Living. 
I was just waiting for Angie to send me some photos, but apparently, we didn’t take any photos of our crepes. I saved some space on this blog too… Oh well.
Since the title of this blog is “Total Asian Experience, part 3,” you should know what came next:
More ramen!!!!
Angie likes fried chicken
It gets weirder…
No comment.
Merry Christmas?!

We couldn’t end the night without a Cue photo session!

Oh yeah, Matt was there too. He always managed to sneak into these ramen runs. That sneaky little sucker. Anyway, that was a fun night. I almost got a tattoo too! Of a chick with two skulls on a lowrider. But that’s another story.

Thanks for reading! And I promise to be better with posting these blogs. Who knows… you might be in the next one!


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