Long, Lost Friend

Hi everyone!

I really thought I was caught up with the blogs. But I had completely forgotten about a pretty recent ramen run. As I was scrolling through my Instagram feed today, I came across someone, who happened to have gone on a ramen run with me!

His name is Shawn. Yeah, he’s one of those weird ones that spell their name “Shawn” instead of the traditional and more masculine spelling of “Sean.”

Anyway, I’ve known Shawn since the 7th grade, back in Hawaii at Waipahu Intermediate School. My memories of Shawn were not pleasant ones. He was very mean to me, along with his group of friends. They used to make fun of how scrawny I was and called me String Bean. They also use to pull on my bra strap when I wasn’t looking. But every time they did that, they found themselves on the ground.

This was Shawn in the 7th grade. He had a penis haircut.

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Total Asian Experience, part 3

Hey friends,

I know I have not been good with keeping up with these blogs. But life happens, things get in the way, and sometimes I’m just plain lazy. I also considered shutting down the blog.

I was chatting with a friend the other day about closing the blog, but told me she enjoyed reading the blogs and that I should keep doing it. So here I am, posting my fourth blog today. After this, I’ll be caught up!

This is for you Angie.

This is how Angie and I text.

Ramen Newbies – My parents!

My sister from Hawaii was in town during the holidays and we spent a lot of time going out to eat. My sister is a devoted ramen run reader and has been on ramen runs with myself when I was in Hawaii, and I’ve always wanted to take her on ramen runs here in California.

The first place I took her was Ajisen in Hacienda Heights, along with my dad, who has never tried real ramen! My sister ordered the Seafood ramen, I ordered the BBQ Pork ramen and my dad had the Ajisen ramen.

My sister is definitely enjoying her seafood ramen.

Ramen with the Waaaaaabich!

After more than two years since graduating from college, I decided to take drum lessons again. I’m pretty good about learning things on my own and finding learning resources, but I got really bored and wanted someone to tell me what to work on. And I wanted someone who was different from the teachers I have studied before . I got in touch with Chris Wabich, a drummer who went to my college long before I was there, and performs with a percussionist that I had studied with. I met him during my last year in college at a clinic I attended. He seemed like he would be fun to study with because he knows a lot about middle eastern instruments and applying those styles to drumset.

Tako Yucky Fail

Hey friends,

After writing my last blog post, it made me crave ramen really bad. I’ve gone to the Shin Sen Gumi in Little Tokyo way too much lately so Sean and I went to the Rosemead one instead.

It was always interesting how different each Shin Sen Gumi can be. Although I had mentioned in a few blogs how all the SSG’s (okay, I’m getting too lazy to type the entire name out over and over!) have been consistently good at making their broths, each place has a different vibe and also a different consistency… If that made any sense.

I have to say that the Rosemead SSG has been my least favorite vibe, and least favorite broth. I don’t know what it is, but the broth never seems to fully satisfy me. The vibe is strange well. Every time I go there, everyone stares at me, like I don’t belong there. Maybe the people there are territorial or something. But I never feel comfortable going to that one.

Tako yaki