Ramen Cravings

Hello folks,
I was seriously craving ramen for an entire week. I was so busy that week that I couldn’t go to a ramen place so I searched like a dog in my kitchen for a pack of top ramen. But no luck! You’re probably thinking, what kind of asian are you to not have top ramen in your household! Sorry to disappoint you. I know I could have gone to the store and to buy some, but I was lazy. And I wanted the REAL thing.
At the end of that week, right after mass, I couldn’t take it any longer. I invited my friend, Matt, to have ramen with me. Matt doesn’t eat asian food, apparently, but he’ll eat ramen. We went to Ajisen in Rowland Heights, which was only 10 minutes away from church.
My chashu miso ramen and strawberry tea drink
Matt’s spicy beef ramen with egg. Matt likes eggs.
My ramen craving was satisfied. At the beginning of this blog, I couldn’t remember exactly what caused my craving. But now I remember. It was because I was cleaning my room and found this:
Yep, this little ramen eraser drove me crazy for a week.
Anyway, that’s my story.


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