Ramen Newbie

Hey folks, Joan here.
I recently acquired another newbie to be part of the ramen run blogs. Her name is Mariah. She is a ginger, (not the kind that go in my ramen bowl..) plays piano and sings at my church AND owns a collection of The Office bobbleheads. Not kidding. I have seen them with my very own eyes!!!! Mariah has heard of my epic ramen runs and wanted to have her first ramen run experience. 
One Saturday evening, after selling CD’s with Matt (you know, that one guy that randomly appears in some of my blogs) I took Mariah on her first ramen run at Ajisen in Rowland Heights. Yes, I know I’ve been here a lot, but the place has a variety of ramen broths and styles which is great for newbies. Matt somehow snuck into this blog again. 
By the way, check out his website for his new CD, The Great Unknown. You get to hear me play percussion on some of the tracks. 
When we arrived, there was a 20 minute wait. It was a Saturday evening, so it was bound to be packed. I was happy that we were seated at the bar area because Mariah was able to see the chefs cooking up the ramen! 
Ajisen staff in action

Ladies Night

Hello guys and gals,
A few weeks ago (I know… this is late), my friend, Candice, and I had a little ladies night of ramen and drinks! We had been planning to do a ladies night for a while, with “Magic Mike” to go along with it, but they stopped showing that movie in theaters. Oh well, I’ll wait for it to come out on RedBox.
We thought we’d check out Shogun Restaurant in La Verne, since she and I have had sushi there before but she has not tried the ramen. They only have ramen on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and since it was a Wednesday night, I thought it would work out perfectly!
WRONG! I looked for the ramen in the menu and it was gone! They stopped making ramen there! That made me so sad… it was the best place to get ramen that was close by. We stayed for a bit to have drinks anyway.

Ramen Cravings

Hello folks,
I was seriously craving ramen for an entire week. I was so busy that week that I couldn’t go to a ramen place so I searched like a dog in my kitchen for a pack of top ramen. But no luck! You’re probably thinking, what kind of asian are you to not have top ramen in your household! Sorry to disappoint you. I know I could have gone to the store and to buy some, but I was lazy. And I wanted the REAL thing.
At the end of that week, right after mass, I couldn’t take it any longer. I invited my friend, Matt, to have ramen with me. Matt doesn’t eat asian food, apparently, but he’ll eat ramen. We went to Ajisen in Rowland Heights, which was only 10 minutes away from church.
My chashu miso ramen and strawberry tea drink