Orochon Challenge 3

Hey everyone,
I am slowly falling in love with downtown LA. Before I never cared for it, until I had to go to work in the area and was forced to find things to do and places to eat during my free time. Little Tokyo is definitely my favorite spot right now. Well duh, there’s nothing but ramen there! And I’ve grown to like taking the metro from Pasadena to LA. It still freaks me out from time to time a thug-lookin’ fellow sits across from me, but for the most part, nothing happens.
Maybe it’s because I can look like a thug myself…
“Riding on the metrooooooo…”

Yamadaya Ramen – "is this a sushi restaurant?"

Hey! Tanya here, so! I was so happy to eat ramen. It has been a while with my busy schedule and Joan’s busy schedule. We actually needed to find a place that opened late. There are actually a few locations in Torrance that stayed open till 10pm or later. That is awesome for us because it is kind of a drive. Our choice for this run was Yamadaya.
Re-u-ni-ted and it feeeeeels so good!

Date Night in Little Tokyo

Hey everyone,

I’m sorry to say, but I have not been to anywhere new lately. I keep finding myself with others in Little Tokyo, even when I’m not at work! The Shin Sen Gumi there has won my heart and is probably my number one ramen house right now.

One day after work (sometimes in June), my boyfriend, Sean and I decided to get some ramen. We also wanted to get drunk. So from Pasadena, (where I work and Sean lives) we took the train to Little Tokyo.