Peter, Ramen Eater

I thought I hit my ramen quota for the month of May, but I couldn’t resist ramen knowing I was only a 15 minute walk away from Little Tokyo. So I called my friend, Peter, who lives nearby and is one of our devoted Ramen Run fans.

Peter and I have known each other for a long time. We went to college together and it was the semester before we graduated that I introduced him to ramen. Peter is not so big on social networking, but I knew he was hooked on ramen the day he “liked” my Ramen Run page and I saw him take a picture of ramen on his Instagram. Haha!

I decided to take him to Shin Sen Gumi in Little Tokyo, even though I was there the week before. But that place is so damn good! I got the usual: hard noodle, light oil, normal broth, extra chashu and side of flavored egg. And of course, hanging out with Peter would not be complete unless there is beer involved. So, we had a few rounds of Orion beer.

The usual

Birthday Ramen

Hey everyone!
Two weeks ago, my cousin, Michelle, took me out for a late birthday dinner. (My birthday was back in April) I was already working in downtown LA that day and thought it would be great to check out the new Shin Sen Gumi in Little Tokyo.
I got out of a really LONG work day, so an ice cold beer sounded amazing. I forgot how good Orion beer was. It’s too bad they’re hard to find!
This was the most refreshing Japanese beer I’ve ever had

Ramen Virgin, part 2

Hello everyone!

Two weeks ago, I took another ramen virgin from my church to have her first ramen experience! Muahaha…

My buddy, Angie, has heard tall tales of my ramen runs and is a devout follower of the blog. We finally found time to get ramen together after mass, so I took her to Ajisen in Rowland Heights.

Ajisen seemed like a great place to take Angie for her first ramen. The restaurant has a really fun and modern vibe, and usually they have cute boys working there. Unfortunately, there were no eye candy that night. Angie is a big boba buff, so we ordered boba drinks to make up for the lack of eye candy.

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Last call…


Slightly guilty about this blog. Hehe. We wanted to fit in a run before April ended but as you know, Joan and I are pretty busy with long working schedules and they tend to conflict but if there is a will then there is a way, haha. We went local…. Well…. Pretty much as local as we are going to get, to Tamaya in Hacienda Heights. The place closes at 9:30pm and I think we walked through the door at 9:25. Not the best timing but they welcomed us with good service and smiles and just to make it easier, we dove right into the menus to figure out our order. Everything on the menu was pretty basic. Nothing too crazy but sometimes simplicity is the best way to go. I liked the feeling of the place, no crazy decor. Felt more welcoming and calming. Good environment to bring friends.

I got the Chashu ramen in a shoyu broth

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A tiny treat

Hey, Tanya here

   I wanted to share a picture of a gift I recieved from my Japanese customer, Shoko. She is probably one of the sweetest little old ladies I have ever came in counter with. She went to Japan last year and got this tiny ramen charm. Lookie!

Too cute, yeah? I love all the details. Every time she comes in to get a perm I have a great time talking about Japanese culture, especially ramen. Just wanted to make a quick blog about this. More Ramen Runs to come ❤