Shin Sen Gumi 11th Anniversary!!!!!!!!

Hello hello!

This was the moment we’ve been waiting for. The Shin Sen Gumi 11th Anniversary! $3 ramen! Woohoo! We finally made it to an anniversary event, at Fountain Valley. -Joan

The anniversary event took up both the ramen house and the restaurant side.

We were surprised that we got in pretty much right away. They anticipated a huge crowd. Their goal was to sell 700 bowls and the close shop for the day once they hit that point.- Tanya


Kim Long!

A little too excited?

My ramen was so incredibly good. Since it was such a great deal, I decided to add fried shrimp to my order and I have to say that it made a nice touch to my ramen. It looked so good that the bowl looked fake, good thing? hahaha. Oh man, I took a picture and uploaded it to my Facebook and gulped it down so fast. Then I sat there and realised that I ate it in just 5 minutes. I was a little sad, hahaha. I was going to order more noodles but decided to wait and let the impact of the food fill me up. I felt full about 10 mins after eating. I’m glad I didn’t order the extra noodles. That is one thing that can ruin a ramen experience, take note of that.




I thought I was the only one that took photos of food…

The ramen girls! And Mark looking awkward in the back..

If you notice in the background of the photo above, there are shoes, slippers, sandals, etc., on the ground. We happened to be seated in the floor seating end of the bar. I’ve done this before at a shabu-shabu restaurant, where we had to remove our shoes and we sat on the floor, and our legs would end up below the floor level. Although it was fun, we didn’t enjoy the smelly foot odor that wafted through the breeze whenever someone opened the front door.

My ramen was freakin’ awesome, like it always is when we go to Fountain Valley. I thought maybe the quality wouldn’t be as great since they’re overloading on ramen for the event, but this place really cares about their quality. I went around to the ramen house side of the restaurant to see who the chefs were and didn’t really recognize any of them. I mentioned in the previous blog that one of the chefs at the Rosemead restaurant was the same one I saw here at Fountain Valley, thinking he was the reason why Rosemead improved. But whoever was running this joint is using the same recipe that I have always loved here at Fountain Valley.

Somebody slipped a piece of ginger in my bowl! Arghhhh!

After our ramen run, we chatted with Kim Long and his brother for a bit and headed back home. We took a wrong exit and ended up in the dreadful 91 freeway. Frustrated with the traffic, we decided to drive up a back road. I should have taken photos because I swore it looked like we drove through Ireland.. temporarily. We never see much green in our area so it was a nice drive up.

Since we didn’t get dessert at Shin Sen Gumi, we stopped by Market World, one of our favorite Asian groceries. -Joan

In ramen heaven!

In awe of all the choices

 Those strawberry ice cream mochis were sooooooo gooood, just frozen solid, which can be a good thing so it forces you to savor the taste 🙂 – Tanya

Take that, mochi!

Mochi makes Joan happy too

Mark, who had the honor of driving the Joan-mobile

Thanks for reading! We do hope that blogging about everything in our ramen runs can actually give people ideas on good places to eat and fun places to visit before and afterwards. It’s always a good thing to enjoy the entire experience of a type of food adventure. Even though it may be a long drive, it’s good to experience it with people you have fun with. Or even if you are alone for the time being and you’re out of town, you can use our blogs as reference to where to eat if you’re cravin authentic ramen. -Tanya

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