Matt and the Filipinas

Hey everyone! Joan here.
Three weeks ago I went on another ramen run with Matt and the Filipinas.
We went to the Shin Sen Gumi in Rosemead. I’ve been there several years before and it was where I took Tanya to have her first ramen experience. This place didn’t impress me at the time because my first ramen was at the Shin Sen Gumi in Fountain Valley and have been in love with that place ever since. There was definitely a difference in the broth flavor.
When we arrived, parking was horrible! It must have taken us 15 minutes of circling two lots to find parking. Luckily, we found a spot close to the shop. There were tons of people inside and outside of the ramen shop. The wait took another 25 minutes or so, which was not so bad considering there was four of us. It was pretty happenin’ on a Sunday night! We also randomly ran into a friend from church, whom we would not expect to see all the way out in Rosemead.
A panda? A mouse? After rotating the plate several times, it turned out to be a fish.