Over due ramen post! So sorry!

Tanya here!

Blah! I’m so late in posting this blog. I have been so lazy. No excuses. But I couldn’t go on another Ramen Run before I posted this. Guess when our next run is……….Today! You can’t spell Procrastination without Pro. Wow, that pun got lamer and lamer as I was typing it. Any who!

Back to the main point. I went out with the ladies at church to Daikokuya. That is the closest and best place from our church. Really, I would have to say it is my second favorite authentic ramen house. Hacienda Heights location, that is.

I went with MaryAnne, Soo, and Jennifer. We wanted more people to come but they couldn’t make it…….one day *shakes fist in the air*

Soo’s first time eating authentic Japanese ramen

She liked it. She had a lot of food though. She got the combo item with pork fried rice. Usually they give you a smaller bowl of ramen in the combinations but they must have changed it recently. Moar food!
This is MaryAnne. She got what I had. Just a classic bowl of their house ramen
I have been to Daikokuya a few times with Anne. I don’t know why I never wrote anything. I usually go with her and her husband, Freddie.
*SIIIIIGGGGH* This is Jennipo. She was not feeling ramen that day so she got the spicy tuna roll, which is also awesome if I may add.
I just give her crap because how do you go to a ramen house and not eat ramen? I don’t like ordering ramen at the sushi house. I’ve only had one exception with Shogun because they only have ramen two days out of the week so they make sure it tastes awesome.
I pretty much make Daikokuya my go-to ramen house that is closest to the Inland Empire. The servers are friendly, the food never disappoints, they have really neat classic action figures and old movie posters all around the place. If you go, there is a large blue figurine from Ultraman(???I believe???) hanging near the ceiling and it cost the owner $4,000 @_@ oh man. Talk about a fanatic. They place gives a good and warm environment for your dining pleasures. That’s the only sentence I will provide that sounds like a commercial. The only warning I will give you is to go with small parties because the place is pretty small and the wait may be long. They close for a few hours during the day so make sure you check the place before you decide to eat there 🙂
-This is Tanya and thanks for reading. More blogs to come really really soon, I promise!

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