Drummer Held Hostage

That’s right. We held a drummer hostage on a ramen run!

Well, he was asking for it! Literally. So this is what happened:

Lately I’ve been gigging a lot with a reggae band called, SolRising. I play percussion and sing background vocals for the group. I had a gig out in Costa Mesa at a place called the Tiki Bar on December 17th. I brought along one of my best friends, Joanna, to the gig. After the show, I was all packed up and ready to go when the drummer, Thomas, followed Joanna and I to my car. He kept whining about us leaving right away, begging us to stick around and hang out with him, and just kept lingering next to my car. Well, it got to the point that I just made him get in the car, where he was forced to sit uncomfortably with all my drums in the seats, and took him over to Mentatsu Ramen.

SolRising at the Tiki Bar

Over due ramen post! So sorry!

Tanya here!

Blah! I’m so late in posting this blog. I have been so lazy. No excuses. But I couldn’t go on another Ramen Run before I posted this. Guess when our next run is……….Today! You can’t spell Procrastination without Pro. Wow, that pun got lamer and lamer as I was typing it. Any who!

Back to the main point. I went out with the ladies at church to Daikokuya. That is the closest and best place from our church. Really, I would have to say it is my second favorite authentic ramen house. Hacienda Heights location, that is.

I went with MaryAnne, Soo, and Jennifer. We wanted more people to come but they couldn’t make it…….one day *shakes fist in the air*

Soo’s first time eating authentic Japanese ramen