The Ramen Virgins

Hey everyone!

Oh man! I’m actually writing this blog within 36 hours of a ramen run! Go Joan GO! Let’s see if I can actually finish this tonight! It is currently November 28th, 10:55 pm.

Last night I went on a ramen run after church with friends, Candice and Matt. They’ve never been to a ramen house, let alone had authentic ramen. Hence, the ramen virgins.

Because we were coming from San Dimas on a Sunday night, I figured that the closest place with good ramen I can take them to is Daikokuya in Hacienda Heights. I drove all of us over to Haceienda and arrived at the restaurant around 7 pm, expecting a long line. But we were seated within 10 minutes. Awesome!

We all ordered the Daikoku Ramen, of course. I remembered to have the bamboo removed. Candice ordered hers with everything it came with and Matt had to be the weirdo that asked for the bean sprouts and green onions removed. But hey, at least he was brave enough to eat bamboo for the first time!

Guess which one was Matt’s
The ramen was good. I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed with Daikokuya. It was a descent place to take newbies to, for their first ramen. Matt and Candice seemed to have liked the ramen. I really hope they did! I’m sure the Daikoku ramen beat the crap out of any of the Top Ramens they’ve only had.
The ramen newbies

Sorry… I failed. I fell asleep in the middle of writing this last night, so I didn’t get to finish this then. It’s Nov. 29, 8:32 pm. But hey, this is an improvement!

After our ramen run at Daikokuya, we stopped by Candice’s work place that was just around the corner, a bar called City Lights. I thought we were just stopping by, meaning, we weren’t going to stay long. Then the drinks came… and they kept coming. I had 2 purple hooters that were made pretty strong. Candice must have had 4 shots of whisky, and Matt had 4 gin and tonics. I wanted to be the responsible one so I started ordering coffee, but some of Candice’s whisky spilled into my coffee…

My purple hooter.

We started shooting a couple rounds of pool. The games were going by pretty quickly. Candice, despite how many shots she drank, was kicking ass playing pool.

Candice made this shot.
 She made this one too.
 Yep, there she goes again.
I’ve played pool a few times in my life, and this evening made me realize even more how badly I played.   Whether I play drunk or sober, I’m always the one that plays bad.
The ball right at the edge. This happened to me EVERY time.
When it was my turn again, I managed to get the ball to fly off the table.
I was laughing so hard, I cried.
After several games, Candice brought over her friend, Ferrrrrrrrnando, (rolling “r” sound…. Sorry I had to do it!) to join us, although she couldn’t remember what his name was. He gave us a few lessons on how to shoot pool.
Ferrrrrrnando teaching Candice and Matt where to aim.
As the evening progressed, the drinks were kicking in and the games became longer and longer. It got to the point where we couldn’t remember who’s turn it was.
Matt could have made this shot….
…. but he didn’t. He was either puking in this photo or bent over to laugh.
You decide.
We arrived at City Lights around 8pm, and we didn’t leave until about 2am. By then, I had sobered up from all the coffee and water and was able to drive us back safely to San Dimas.
This ramen run definitely didn’t turn out the way I expected. Ramen, maybe dessert somewhere, then home. But we figured, the night was young and we might as well take advantage of that and have some fun! I had a great time hanging out with Candice and Matt and I really hope they enjoyed their first ramen run.
Thanks for reading! Join us next time on our next ramen run!

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