Orochon FAIL

Hey everyone,
Joan here. I would like to briefly share my second experience at Orochon in Little Tokyo. I went there after work one evening (back in October…) to meet up with some old friends/coworkers. I ordered the miso ramen, level 5 with extra chasu.
Looks good right?
Well I’m sorry to say, that I was pretty disappointed with my ramen. Everything about it would have been good. The noodles, the broth, the vegetables, even the little chasu pieces that it originally came with. BUT the extra chasu I ordered, (those big slices you see on the top left), tasted like they were old! Eeeeeeew. It had a strange and almost spoiled taste to it. Yuck. Maybe it was because I showed up at Orochon past 11pm and the food wasn’t as fresh?? But still!!! I don’t feel that the time of day should be an exception. I told the server and he just took the chasu off my bill. Even though I had started eating it, I thought that was unusual. Most places I’ve been to would have just replaced my entire meal. Now I don’t know how I feel about this place…
I’m not too sure if I’ll feel comfortable going back here. It might have been just that one night. Who knows. But that was my ramen experience at Orochon and I was not happy. Hopefully the next ramen run will make up for it.

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