Foo Foo Tei – An Action/Suspense Film in the Making

Tanya here!

YAY! My withdrawal has been cured! We decided to go to Foo Foo Tei in Hacienda Heights. I think this place seems to be a good hang out because we were the next people in line and we still waited about 25ish minutes to get to a table. This place had sooo many different types of ramen. Some of the ramen had a bit of a mixed culture. There was a menudo ramen! You had choices between shoyu, miso, shiyo, tonkotsu, white cream, ect, types of broth. I have no true complaints, the broth was tasty and just the right amount of salt. The  meat was actually chicken tulips. They looked nice and tasted great. I left them in the broth too long and the breading got soggy but even after I pulled off the breading the meat was seasoned just right. The noodles had a nice texture and just went really well with the broth. The only weird thing that happened was the seating arrangement. We sat on a long table along with other people. They ended up leaving soon after so there were only the two of us on a table for 8. I guess a party of 7 came in and they asked us to change seats. That has never happened to either of us before.

So many choices!
Hey everyone. It’s Joan. I’ve been so bad with keeping up with this blog. It has been more than a month! But now that the crazy season at work is over, I should be better. Let’s hope…
Well, I can’t remember much about Foo Foo Tei. Other than the fact that when we were seated, it took forever for anyone to take our order. First of all, we were seated at a large table. No one took our order. We were practically forgotten. Then this lady tells us we need to be moved to another table. Honestly, if I’m already seated at a restaurant, I don’t think they should be telling us to move. That’s just bad customer service. But I didn’t have high expectations of this place anyway considering how ghetto the area looked. So moved to a smaller table that just opened up. I don’t remember anyone coming up to take our orders right away. I had to ask a server to come over.
My miso ramen loaded with vegetables and pork -J
I chose the miso ramen with the fried chicken. -T

I was so happy!

I was starving when we arrived. And you know me, how I get angry when I’m hungry! -J

I was definitely starving by the time we got our food. I had a massive amount of vegetables in my ramen. Especially bean sprouts. I like bean sprouts, but I had to throw them into the reject bowl because there was simply too much!
The bowl of rejects. The only thing that I didn’t care for was the amount of bean sprouts. -T

Me waiting, and more orders on the wall. Kinda neat, right?

Cheesy asian pose, of course.
Overall, I thought the ramen was okay. I don’t think I want to come back to Foo Foo Tei. Even if I was in the area, I wouldn’t want to stick around. It was really creepy as we drove down to that street. We kept wondering where the hell was this road taking us. The area kind of reminded me of a suspense/thriller type movie, where two girls try to escape from a bad guy with a machine gun that thinks we stole his stash of drugs who chase us down into the dark warehouse area and we get cornered into the dark parking lot of Foo Foo Tei. Luckily the restaurant was open with people inside.

My miso ramen was good, I guess. I am becoming pretty fond of the miso broth and their broth at Foo Foo was not bad. Maybe the fact that it has been more than a month that I can’t say much about the ramen. But at the same time, if the ramen was awesome, I would not forget a thing about it and I’d be raving about it.In case you were wondering when we had ramen at Foo Foo Tei, it was on September 29th. We’re really behind!

Outside of Foo Foo Tei. Fake satisfactory smiles.
Kind of a creepy neighborhood.

 I wouldn’t suggest going alone at night.

My blueberry wheat beer.
I got Samuel Adams cherry wheat beer. I was actually really good.
We ended the night with a Midnight showing of “What’s Your Number” I liked the movie. The story line was good and the acting was funny. Pretty much a chick flick. I wouldn’t suggest children to see it. I accidentally suggested it to a client of mine and forgot some of the vulgar scenes and he made sure to chew me out a bit when I saw him again, haha! Chris Evans(my husband) was very nice to look at.

2 thoughts on “Foo Foo Tei – An Action/Suspense Film in the Making

  1. Why would they have machine guns? they could have like a bat, or a knife…you know times are hard, I don't think it would be practical for someone to be packing a machine gun in this economic environment..-Tappy 🙂

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