The Ramen Virgins

Hey everyone!

Oh man! I’m actually writing this blog within 36 hours of a ramen run! Go Joan GO! Let’s see if I can actually finish this tonight! It is currently November 28th, 10:55 pm.

Last night I went on a ramen run after church with friends, Candice and Matt. They’ve never been to a ramen house, let alone had authentic ramen. Hence, the ramen virgins.

Because we were coming from San Dimas on a Sunday night, I figured that the closest place with good ramen I can take them to is Daikokuya in Hacienda Heights. I drove all of us over to Haceienda and arrived at the restaurant around 7 pm, expecting a long line. But we were seated within 10 minutes. Awesome!

We all ordered the Daikoku Ramen, of course. I remembered to have the bamboo removed. Candice ordered hers with everything it came with and Matt had to be the weirdo that asked for the bean sprouts and green onions removed. But hey, at least he was brave enough to eat bamboo for the first time!

Guess which one was Matt’s

Orochon FAIL

Hey everyone,
Joan here. I would like to briefly share my second experience at Orochon in Little Tokyo. I went there after work one evening (back in October…) to meet up with some old friends/coworkers. I ordered the miso ramen, level 5 with extra chasu.
Looks good right?
Well I’m sorry to say, that I was pretty disappointed with my ramen. Everything about it would have been good. The noodles, the broth, the vegetables, even the little chasu pieces that it originally came with. BUT the extra chasu I ordered, (those big slices you see on the top left), tasted like they were old! Eeeeeeew. It had a strange and almost spoiled taste to it. Yuck. Maybe it was because I showed up at Orochon past 11pm and the food wasn’t as fresh?? But still!!! I don’t feel that the time of day should be an exception. I told the server and he just took the chasu off my bill. Even though I had started eating it, I thought that was unusual. Most places I’ve been to would have just replaced my entire meal. Now I don’t know how I feel about this place…
I’m not too sure if I’ll feel comfortable going back here. It might have been just that one night. Who knows. But that was my ramen experience at Orochon and I was not happy. Hopefully the next ramen run will make up for it.

Third Time’s the Charm at Naga Naga Ramen


This is going to be a quick blog about my third experience at Naga Naga Ramen in Pasadena on October 10th.  The only reason why I went there was because a friend of mine, Kaz, stopped by my workplace so we can exchange drum DVD’s we had borrowed from each other a year ago. Plus, he and I have been planning to have ramen together for some time now, and Naga Naga was the closest place.

I didn’t get to take any photos because I ordered the same thing, the Naga Naga ramen. But, I have to say that I was very pleased with my ramen. The broth was not that salty, it was all flavor. There was not a big vat of oil floating on the surface and the pork slices was deliciously tender.

After dinner, I headed over to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena where I usually go after work to run a 5k. Was running a good idea after just eating ramen??? Well… I can’t say I felt great running and I only managed to beat my last time by 15 seconds. I’m sure I would have done better if I didn’t eat an hour before I ran. Oh well. At least the ramen was good this time!


Foo Foo Tei – An Action/Suspense Film in the Making

Tanya here!

YAY! My withdrawal has been cured! We decided to go to Foo Foo Tei in Hacienda Heights. I think this place seems to be a good hang out because we were the next people in line and we still waited about 25ish minutes to get to a table. This place had sooo many different types of ramen. Some of the ramen had a bit of a mixed culture. There was a menudo ramen! You had choices between shoyu, miso, shiyo, tonkotsu, white cream, ect, types of broth. I have no true complaints, the broth was tasty and just the right amount of salt. The  meat was actually chicken tulips. They looked nice and tasted great. I left them in the broth too long and the breading got soggy but even after I pulled off the breading the meat was seasoned just right. The noodles had a nice texture and just went really well with the broth. The only weird thing that happened was the seating arrangement. We sat on a long table along with other people. They ended up leaving soon after so there were only the two of us on a table for 8. I guess a party of 7 came in and they asked us to change seats. That has never happened to either of us before.

So many choices!