Food court Ramen

Hey everyone!

Last Friday, I went on a ramen run at a little place called Santouka. It is located in the food court of Mitsuwa Marketplace, on the corner of Centinela and Venice, along with other noodle shops. Funny thing is, I have been here years ago and had ramen at the exact same place. But at that time, I wasn’t very “experienced” with ramen and didn’t like the salt ramen that I ordered.

Before I start talking about ramen, I wanted to give a brief description of what happened the night before Santouka, so you’ll know why we ended up in Los Angeles in the first place:

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Orochon Cowardlyness

Hi everyone, Joan here.

Last Wednesday (July 27th), I had a ramen run with my coworker Kim Long. By the way, Long is actually part of his first name, it’s not his last name… Anyway, he and I have been talking about going to Orochon ever since he started working with me, (it’s been almost two months), and we finally made it there after several failed attempts of going.

Orochon is located in downtown LA, in the Little Tokyo district. They’re famous for their spicy ramen and people often go there for the Orochon challenge. I have read mixed reviews about the place, mainly about how the broth tasted. And you know me, I love a good broth! But because of all the hype I’ve heard about Orochon, it had to be on our list.

As soon as we got out of work, we headed to Orochon. Luckily, our workplace was not too far from downtown LA and it only took us about 25 minutes to get there with some traffic. We arrived around 4:15 and there was no line. YES! There were maybe about 10 other people there but it was still too early for dinner. The cool thing about this place was that it had a lot of seating for a ramen place. They had indoor seating and outdoor.

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