One Stop Ramen Shop

Hey everyone, it’s Joan.

We had a ramen run on Tuesday with my brother, Mark, at a little place called Koraku in Sherman Oaks. The only reason why we went there was because our plan that day was to visit my old friend, Garrit, at his base all the way in Port Hueneme. Since we were driving about 115 miles out of our way, we thought it would be a great idea to find a ramen house in that direction. We don’t normally hang around those parts of California, so it was a little difficult trying to decided on a ramen place to check out. Luckily there is such a thing as google maps and yelp so it helped us make that decision. Hence, we ended up at Koraku.

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300 Miles for Ramen

Hey! Tanya here

wow wow wow. Tons of driving but honestly, I had so much fun! We decided to make this run to our favorite place in So Cal. Shin Sen Gumi in Fountain Valley. Now! We don’t make this trip as often as we would like because it is a long drive. I think the drive seems longer because we always hit traffic eventually somewhere. We have to go on about 5 different freeways to get there and there are a few different ways to get there. So we really have contemplate which way would have the least amount of traffic. That’s California for you….

On this trip we brought along Joan’s cousin Michelle and my cousin Jennifer.

This is their first time coming with us and we really wanted them to try our favorite place.

Shin Sen Gumi in Fountain Valley is actually split into two sections. One section is the restaurant part(no ramen served there) and the ramen section. I do wish the ramen side was larger. The ramen side ends up opening at 6pm so when we arrived there at 6:15pm the first wave of people were all seated and we waited……and waited……and waited. I think we waited for about 45 mins. What is neat about this place is that they bring out the menu and take your order if you are going to wait a while so they can serve you asap. Good for us, good for them.


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The Man Who Started it All

Hi everyone! It’s Joan.

This blog is really late because I have been really  busy. But what’s new right? We always write our blogs late anyway!

Today I wanted to dedicate this blog to the person who showed me the wonderful world of ramen. He is my good friend, Edwin. I have known Edwin for about 6 years or so from college. We were both percussion students at a community college, and both transferred to CSU Long Beach at the same time. I stuck to my music degree and he moved on to be an English major. He made a wise decision.

I remember Edwin and I going to Daikokuya in Little Tokyo over 3 years ago. He ordered ramen and I ordered something else. I tried his broth and liked it but for some reason it wasn’t enough to interest me. Two years ago, Edwin told me about a place he found in Fountain Valley called Shin Sen Gumi. He didn’t try the place yet, so he wanted me to go with him. That day changed my feelings for ramen. FOREVER.

Since then, I went to Shin Sen Gumi almost every week.  It wasn’t too far from school and even when I moved back home for the summer, I would drive out of my way to have ramen in Fountain Valley. There are other Shin Sen Gumi branches that I’ve tried, (Rosemead and Gardena) but Fountain Valley had the best chef. The first time I introduced Tanya to ramen was Fountain Valley.

A couple of weeks ago, I found out that Edwin was moving to Japan to teach conversational English. (One of the cool things about Ed is he knows how to speak Japanese!) His fiancee is also Japanese and is living there. I always knew he had plans to live in Japan but didn’t think it was going to happen this soon. That really bummed me out especially because I had not seen in him since we graduated from college. I wanted to make sure I saw him before he left and the only way we would do this right was to have ramen. Last Thursday, Sean and I met up with Edwin at Daikokuya in Hacienda Heights.

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